oh my ephing god!

so what did my gg slags think? spoiler alert! do not read if episode 2 is still waiting for you on your tivo!

last night was better but i thought the strawberries were so unbelievably re-re. and like serena would take the jitney home when she could have been in the limo with chuck and nate. i mean seriously – if you could choose between mother chucker/the pretty boy or a bunch of lame-o’s on the bus what would you do?

my fave is when blair found nate with the duchess of course. hotness and hilariousness all around!!!

i also love how chuck’s scheming is unrelenting… making friends with the boring brit to get the dl? it can only get better! however i am not the biggest fan of sweaty goggle wearing chuck. ew.

and get this! they are filming tomorrow 2 streets down from my work! so i will so give deets tomorrow if there is anything trashy, glamorous and/or fabulous to report :) yay!

oh and leighton and blake are going to be on 30 rock soon. neat! click here for more info.



8 thoughts on “oh my ephing god!

  1. Ugg


    oh and the episode was great!!!!!!!!! hated everything dan+serena did. the beach kissing was GAG. and the jitney was even worse. i think they were suppose to make it seem like she ate a strawberry in a normal way, and then dan SAW IT IN THE SEXY WAY. BUT the strawberrys were so huge it just looked really strange and not hot.
    and i don1t really look at them in a sexual way, so the whole “the only thing we have left is sex” i did NOT BUY IT.
    HAHAHAHA at chuck playing squash!!!!!!! HOT HOT. the lord IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!
    everybody else would have just left hahhaha.
    the best part about the episodes was hands down nate’s moms dogs!! hahahah did you see them?????? wtf wtf


  2. OMFG! Tiffers – Do you think they will be filming when Solrac & I will be there? THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

    I know everybody hates Dan (and, yes, he is very blah-worthy), but I thought it was HILARIOUS when he said, “Hi, Lord. I’m Dan Humphrey!” I am sorry, but Nate & the cougar woman are super hot together! I kept thinking that maybe the Lord & the Duchess have something going on the side too! And maybe they do. The Lord is kinda hot (off the show). Ugg showed me some pix of him that were hot. Loved when they played the Santogold song right as Blair walked in on Nate & the cougar. It was phucking perfect!

    I can not wait for next week’s episode! Looks like it is going to be really good. Chuck & Blair FTW!


  3. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    I thought this epi was bore city. Now Chuck is a nice guy who is selling his club to help Nate? I was looking forward to more Chuck + sleazy nightclub!! Victrola cannot be sold! Nice Chuck didn’t work for me.

    Tiffers, I also did not enjoy sweaty goggles Chuck. They made him look like he was about 4 feet tall. He didn’t sneer once, nor did he make untoward advances toward anyone. He wasn’t his sexy self at all. How tall is he?

    Dan and Serena — chocolate strawberries on a phucking bus is the stupidest most re-phucking-diculous thing I’ve ever seen. Who brings gourmet deserts onto a bus and eats them in front of poor people? This story is played out – dump it already.

    The only good part? Now Nate is an official teenage gigolo! Oh, how tawdry! :)

    btw gg slags: go to youtube, type in g0ss1p — another good place to watch


  4. tiffers euphonious

    ok so absolutely no sightings today – they must have been filming inside cause there were trailers and crew all over. no chuck, though :(

    ugg – what’s gob? and nate’s mom’s dogs? i don’t think i noticed them? and i know, i think dan and serena are just weird. please share the photos you sent to morgan. i need to be convinced!!! :)

    morgan – they will prob be filming i just don’t know where. the only reason i found out about them filming by my work is because they posted something on gawker! :) i’ll keep an eye and ear out for info for sure, though! hi lord was funny and i love the cougar and nate soooo much too! i hope next week’s episode rocks a little more!

    kellers – the episodes are taking a while to warm up, that’s for sure. but this one was way better than the premiere that’s for sure! i kinda thought it was nice chuck doing the thing for nate. but it looks like he’s pimping his ass to the cougar for some dough so maybe victrola will stay around? hahaha he is 5′ 9 1/2″ (i love that the half inch was absolutely necessary for disclosure on imdb). who walks around saying they are 5 feet 9 and a half inches? hahahahahah! totally agree about dan and serena. boring! however, i did read a new love interest is coming on – he’s bleck in my book: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0024511/mediaindex. and thanks for the you tube tip!

    also! mischa barton’s little crazy sister from the oc is going to guest on gg! she’s supposed to be modeling for momma waldorf. i so hope there is mega smackdown-age with little j. sweet!


  5. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    Tiffers I’m so excited you may get to see Chuckee in the flesh, so to speak. Gurrl I do not think he’s anywhere near that tall so please judge for yourself and let us know when you see him.

    I think Nate will fall in love with Vanessa while still servicing the coug, Vanessa will catch him, she’ll be mad, but then they will join forces with Chuck and they’ll find some way to get the cougar. Dan and Serena will join a cult that requires them to sit silently in a closet for the remainder of the season.

    Any other predictions?


  6. Janers

    It’s going a bit downhill for me. Blair and Chuck are entertaining characters to watch but Serena and Dan are boresville. The whole duchess storyline they threw in was lame too. Why would a Duke and Duchess be hanging out in the Hamptons anyway? and would a Duke really marry an ex swimsuit model? You’d think she’d at least be trained in etiquette but she’s not exactly elegant or classy. Funny how Marcus didn’t speak to his parents at the white party either.


  7. tiffers euphonious

    kellers – i will totes fill you in if i am ever graced with his presence. i agree with what you said about nate and the cougar. then maybe they’ll pawn her off on rufus? and then serena’s mom can get all jealous? i so wish dan and serena would go on an extended leave of absence. my predictions would be that little e and little j will come together and start a design company (or maybe they’ll both go work for korsy) and then eric will have a torrid affair with him and little j will have to help him figure out what to do. but maybe she’ll throw him back under the bus if she lies and pretends to be korsy’s beard! ;) it could happen!

    i so hope the cougar does some damage. it would be awesome if blair and her started scheming together.

    janers – it certainly has lost some of it’s past glory, that’s for sure :( b and c are the best and yes, d and s couldn’t be more boring. the duke and duchess would hang in the hamptons cause they are rich and have nothing better to do and that’s what those peeps do. yes, it’s totally not logical at all! :) and great point about her not being elegant or classy. i love madchen amick (shelly from twin peaks!) but her character reminds me of nicole walker on days of our lives. sleazy, horny and a big time gold digger!


  8. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    ooooh! tonight’s episode was delicious!! chuck was back in fine form at the party. can’t wait till he hatches a plan to bring down the duchess – you know it will be epic!! :)


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