All Hail The Rexy Goddess! And Her Topshop Line…

Katers Moss FTW!!   I love the eternal rexy goddess, sad but true!   And if I weighed as much as a granola bar I would copy every damn thing she ever wore.  I’d look like a mental wetodd, but I’d do it.   Enough of this:   I gots like, good ephing news!   Topshop is now available for American slutcrackers!!!   That means you can buy Katers’ shiz and some other shiz that only UK slutbabies were able to get their beslagged phingers on.



11 thoughts on “All Hail The Rexy Goddess! And Her Topshop Line…

  1. Ali-ers

    I like that sweater.
    I weigh as much as a truckload of Snickers. This will not be okay. :D
    When the rexy goddess designs stuff for Lane Bryant we can talk ;)


  2. wtf? you girls does not have tophop? how comes that you dont have topshop but we do …here! also i have a question
    the first world —> super important couentries and shits.

    3ª world—> crappy countries and shits

    2ª world? what the hell is the 2ª world..where is it?


  3. The History Nerd has a response:

    Third world did not originally mean that a country was underdeveloped.

    All this crap stems from the Cold War.

    1st World: generally denotes a capitalist country in the West
    2nd World: generally denoted a communist country in the East
    3rd World: a country that sided with neither capitalist countries or the communist countries after WWII


  4. Janers

    3rd world countries aren’t crappy. Bali seemed like a fabulous place to live. The peoples were so happy and friendly, the rainforests and beaches amazing, gorgeous sun in the middle of winter – I could go on.

    Konst: The UK site has always shipped to America but now there is an American online store. I guess shipping with be cheaper and the amounts stated in American dollars.


  5. jaded4good

    Funny, I always thought the 2nd world is America after the colonization. :) It did exceed Europe in many ways, but is still a lot younger.


  6. panders

    america’s first topshop will be located in ny and the opening is being delayed until november of this year…something about design complexities.


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