Hobby Horse No.1 Looks Worried

Posh24 (my hot link buddies) seem to think she may be pregged!   Dear Venus Genetrix, no!  It’ll be a Balthy baby if that’s the case, and it’ll be born with a sneer.   This is like the second time Sienners da Hobby Horse has been papped at a clinic.  Maybe something’s flaring up?  Maybe she’s getting her tonsils removed?   Maybe a rat bit her kneecap?  A human rat named Balthazar!  Who knows, who cares…   Seriously, I wish Sienner the best of health… in the future when all’s well…  (I’ll stop with the Morrissey lyrics like never…)




As an added bonus, here’s a comment I found on the gossip girls blog.  It’a like, weird:


her people call and tell the paps where she is for her little photo shoots with the paps, so they tell them exactly where to find her at the doctors, in a dress gathered in pleats at the stomach for extra speculation, to get the attention back on her and her active se x life with her married lover, when the prss has dared to mention the wife, the of divorce, and the Getty familys support in all ways of the wife and kids, and their disgust and Getty and Sienna… so she needs to make the press think about her again,,, ratchett up te scandal, is she so low shes pregnant with married mans kid, though a baby sure doesnt keep him hanging around, and he wont even buy her a puppy never mind a kid with her, this is his mindless fling, not who he wants to be with.. but if its his , not her live in fiances kid, then she can try and snatch some of the Gettys millions, if they dont disinherit him and give it straight to his existing kids.. controlled by his wife, which Id love them to do


7 thoughts on “Hobby Horse No.1 Looks Worried

  1. An Exquisite Corpse

    Puh-leeze no stopping the Morrissey references. It sets this site apart from all the other gossipy online places. Well, that and your exquisite comments on Cola Gorda.

    Seriously, though. What is going to go on with that baby’s hair if she is Balthazized?


  2. Janers

    Maybe a vicious strain of herpes is what’s flaring up?

    Seriously though, I hope she hasn’t got something serious. She does look pretty worried.


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