fuggity fug fug fug!

project re-re had their runway show at bryant park today. first, let me just say, i am so annoyed that they showed 6 (yes six!) designers at bryant park this year! i understand that they wish to have a “cloud of mystery” until their weeks behind episodes actually close in to the finale happening. but why can’t they (like most other reality shows) just work their schedules so the finale coincides with fashion week? it can’t honestly be that challenging, can it? anyway, it takes away from the whole “final three” that they are always droning on about because it’s a moot point now and several designers get to show at fashion week. so a lot of terrible stuff ends up getting shown and re-re designers get to go home with inflated egos because they got to show at fashion week anyway! does anyone else think it’s totally pointless?

and whew! there was a whole lot of stank ass nastiness going on in that joint! this season has been by far the absolute worst. although i have to say that i do like leanne and korto. i can’t believe je-re-re won the last challenge and that crappy kenley didn’t get kicked off for that atrocious design she came up with (not to mention being an arrogant mouthy biznatch who just needs to stfu). i miss terri even though she was kinda mean – esp in that last episode. and most of all i miss stella. le-thuh!

here are the photos of the collections. it starts with je-re-re, then joe, then kenley, then korto, then leanne and then suede. click more for some of the designs.








6 thoughts on “fuggity fug fug fug!

  1. An Exquisite Corpse

    Jerrell: I can’t wait for the behind-the-scenes episode when Tim Gunn goes to visit Jerrell preparing at home. “Oooh, and Tim EACH bead on EACH COSTUME… Oops, I mean COUTURE PIECE, is HAND-SEWN.” And Tim Gunn will ask why he didn’t just use a Bedazzler.

    Joe: It’s great that even though Jessica Simpson’s career is no longer viable, someone is still inspired to create outfits for her. I was worried she might be downgraded to buying off-rack clothes from Fashion Bug, but then Joe rallyed and created a whole wardrobe for her. Mighty kind of ya’, Joe.

    Kenley: So, let me guess… She wants her adjectives to be “kooky, zany, and original.” Right? I’d rather have Blayne back (and I shudder as I type that statement) to fill the slot of “wacky next-door neighbor” in this cast. Eventually, Michael Kors is going to have to serve Kenley her stupid-floating-leaf-arse on a platter. I hope they don’t edit much of that out from the episode.

    Korto: I don’t get what’s going on with the constant fannage, but otherwise there is some decent fashion happening. I think it will be Korto versus Leanne for the win.

    Leanne: I can’t decide if Korto or Leanne had the better collection. I worry that the limit of color will cause the judges to get cranky on her. But maybe considering the lack of competition, they’ll just decide it provides cohesion.

    Suede: This shiznit looks like “The Local City Dinner Club Presents Ice Castles: The Musical.” And no alcohol will be served during the performance, so basically everyone involved will suffer.

    I agree that this season has been tragically bad. I also miss Stella Ramone and her “Leath-Uh Rawk-N-Roll Until Death” proclamations. I hope this show comes roaring back next season when it switches to (shudder) Lifetime.


  2. tiffers euphonious

    exquisite – that was hilars and i totally agree with everything you said. i kinda hope leanne wins but korto’s stuff is kinda cool, too. ice castles is hilarious and even je-re-re’s model is looking like she’s thinking “don’t ephing ask me, i don’t get it either!” and i was so telling my friend that joe’s stuff looks like you could find it at kmart or mervyns or something (fashion bug is prob a little more accurate!) gross!!! that skirt of his looks like a bed duvet cover! and i so can’t wait til korsy lays the smack down on kenley. it had better be good!!!

    no anners, i haven’t seen the millionaire thing. the commercials make it look horrific so i haven’t bothered. do you watch?


  3. An Exquisite Corpse

    I have been meaning to watch at least one episode of that millionaire real estate kids but haven’t gotten to yet. I always forget. Is it worth the watch or just really frustrating? Didn’t that one guy on there steal artwork from his “friend’s” house that he was selling?


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