Hobby Horsies Have To Eat, Too

The Hobby Horse was in phine phorm the other day!   She went out to lunch with Claire Danes’ boyphriend, Hugh Dancy.   Hugh Dancy.  Hmmmmm.   Nope, don’t like him!   For no reason other than he looks like he probably has a lot of earwax or something.  All the better to drown out the warbles coming from Angela Chase’s annoying voice box, though.   I dislike Claire Danes for irrational reasons. 

Where’s Balthy?  I feel out of the loop and it’s ephing with my psyche.

Enjoy the photos of the Hobby Horse picking up cigarettes off the street and smoking them, looking like a 7-11 employee circa 1987, and muching on sugar cubes, carrots, and oats.

Photo Source:  The Good Bytches at Posh 24


Sienna Millers is picking cigarettes of the street!


11 thoughts on “Hobby Horsies Have To Eat, Too

  1. Why is she chillaxing with Hugh Dancy? And Hugh Dancy is such a British name.

    Sometimes, the Hobby Horse dresses like I did in junior high. Only without the heels, of course. I wore keds with some brilliant writing on the sides and soles scribed by me during class

    I also used to wear my hair like that, as well.

    I do not like these facts.


  2. I have a pair of Converse too. They’re awesome.

    Maybe you don’t like Claire Danes because she’s also a homewrecker? Didn’t she wreck a home once?

    Love the new layout! Thanks for putting Troy Orly and not JCS Orly.


  3. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    Anners I know it’s so hard when you’ve got stressful schoolstuffs bearing down on you – you suddenly find yourself remembering to dust under the refrigerator – anything to keep from studying. But this is your future, slag! Get into them books guurrrll!!

    As for Sienners, when she has an army of paps following, that’s when she wants to eat outdoors instead of sitting at one of the many indoor tables? The next time she whines at the paps I hope they throw a pie at her.


  4. Akeelers a.k.a. glamma_puss

    ^^Hahahaha! Daners you wear Mom Jeans with your Keds in the 80’s? They didn’t have shit on L.A. Gears though.

    Wasn’t this the same hobby ho bag who sued the tabs for publishing photos of her exposed wet tea bag-looking tittays? and then she turned around and did the same thing with Balthy-ass?


  5. tiffers euphonious

    anners! study hard and study now! it will so be worth it when you get accepted! :)

    i like her shoes. even though they are a bit worn. much like herself!


  6. Janers

    If she is shagging Claire’s boyfriend I will love her again. If she is friends with Claire I will burn down her house.

    Claire stole a pregnant woman’s hubby. That is one of the top 3 crimes woman on woman crimes – we must rally against her type.


  7. Thank you, Wanders.

    Hi Kellers! Yes, that’s what it is. But I will never dust under the fridge.

    HI Janers!

    Hi Tiffers!

    Hi Akeelers! Haha. L.A. Gear! I used to want that black pair with the purple thingy… didn’t Paula Abdul model for them?


  8. Don’t be laughing at me, Akeelers! LA Gear came with those key chain thingys, right? I wanted one so bad, but I don’t think I ever owned a pair of LA Gear…oh wiat, maybe I did have a pair of hightops that I wore when I French rolled my jeans. I was a trendsetter loooooong before Katie Holmes, I tell ya.


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