hope you kept the receipt for that tiara b!

alrighty – i so think things are starting to heat up! again, spoiler alert so don’t read if you haven’t watched the episode yet!

last night the chuck and blair show was hot shiz! chuck is such a dirty/sessy mess! and i loved how downright wicked the cougar got at the end. although i kinda wished that there had been more scheming with b and the duchess. they could have really ephed with nate’s pretty little head! and i wonder if the boring little brit will be able to heat things up. prolly not.

i think little j is annoying and i’m even more annoyed that momma waldorf didn’t just throw her out on her ass. whatevs.

however! i do have to say i was thrilled to watch the boring head boppers break up! and i so can’t wait for next week’s episode for s to get all bitchy on dan’s boring ass. yay-ness!

i have a spoiler pic from an upcoming epidsode when you click more and i just about lost my cookies when i first saw it so be forewarned. maybe it’s just a fantasy scene – i can always hold out hope!!!

also, did anyone see leighton on entourage the other night? it was eh. plus, she apparently has plans to put out an album. that’s original! oh well, maybe it will be decent?




7 thoughts on “hope you kept the receipt for that tiara b!

  1. Oh no! Not Nate & little J! Gross! He has been with almost every girl on the show now. Who’s next for him? Eric? Or maybe Chuck?

    “head boppers” hahahaha


  2. Ugg

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! NATE AND JENNY!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    yes morgan him and chuck, good idea!!!!!!!! how does everybody know she is going to be a bitch to dan? WELL I CAN’ T EFFIN WAIT FOR THAT, BUT IS THERE A PROMO I HAVE NOT SEEN? please show meeeeeeeee:D:D:D:D i hate the dutchess – plotline. i think it’s boring now. and serena and dan in the elevator, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. WHY WAS HE MAD????? it’s cool that she can get stuff for free, i would love it if she was my girlfriend. and he was so dumb trying to get out the elevator himself. i actually think hes retarded. or , i think penn badgley did something really mean (dating blake in real maybe?) to the director guy and he is punishing him by making his characther the most unlikable person on tv ever. THE ONLY GOOD THING IS chuck. i love you chuck<3 IT WAS A REALLY GOOD EPISODE, CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT TIME!! oh and i didn’t know entourage had started, thanks haha:D


  3. Janers

    I wish Chuck would stay the eph away from Blair. He only wants her when he can’t have her and treats her like crap when he can.

    Nate and Jenny is kinda Pedo.


  4. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    Anybody and Jenny is pedo – she looks way too young for this upcoming storyline. She needs some sweet little boyfriend who holds her hand in the park. That is all I feel comfortable permitting at this point.


  5. tiffers euphonious

    morgan – i know, he’s hobiscuit for sure!

    ugg – watch the preview. she seemed fairly snarky towards dan in it so yay! and him being annoying was really re-re and didn’t make a lot of sense but whatevs. bye bye bores!

    janers – true about chuck. he’s a pig! and nate and jenny is totally pedo!

    kellers – i know, advancing her story line with sess and everything is a little creepy. she’s only 14 so it’s kinda strange!

    panders – totes! i so can’t wait. maybe she’ll give queen b a run for her money or her mega beyatch title!


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