Cola And The Cougar

I really need to stay away from the intrawebz.   Hee!  Cola Gorda looks so stoopit!  Holena COugar Mellencamp looks stoopit too, though, so it balances out.   She also looks witchy.  It’s the chin.  Witch chin!  That said, she is the prettiest witch evers!   
Cola looks like he just stormed out of church or something… with Mingus’ shirt on.
That is all.
Some other AWFUL pictures…
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^ Who smokes on their way to play tennis? 


35 thoughts on “Cola And The Cougar

  1. Awww, I think he looks pretty cute with Mingus’ shirt on! Cougar’s blue dress is so adorable, but her face is way scary. Cola obviously bags her face when he bags her.


  2. Ugg

    GAHH they are sooooo fug together it’s almost hot. NOT.
    it’s kinda sorta cute tho. and how can you FORGET HOW TO dress yourself. your clothes are so stupid now cola. i’m want to smack him in the face with that racket.


  3. hazey jane

    Hi Mirna! How’s the baby?

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Banks. He’s looking uglier and uglier since he started banging Helena. Is she sucking his vital energy? Is that it? Someone needs to tell him that in one year he started looking much older that his age would suggest. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. :(


  4. An Exquisite Corpse

    Never before in all of history has someone gone from so hot to so fug in such a short time. It is as if I have been wearing beer goggles for years. And he’s wearing aviator shades! How is it possible for him to not be hot in those? Sadness.

    Anners, I lurve your avatar. I go to Ginzy’s school, you know. And I need to add an avatar for myself…


  5. stella

    what has happened to our dear banksy? i was just in nyc and was hoping for a sighting. instead i got lauren ezersky (fashion correspondent lady with cruella deville hair) elijah wood (totally eying me as we passed in rainy weather) and nick zinner from the yeah yeah yeahs(at this tragically hip fashion show after party at the tribeca grand). no paul though…..


  6. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    She looks great from the neck down in that blue dress. But wtf Banksy? Corpsy is right – this gorgeous guy morphed into an oily-faced horribly dressed cigarette smoke cloud of FUG!! :(

    Is it time to hold a funeral for the hotness that used to be Banksy? At this point he can’t hold a candle to any of the shaggables on this site. Boo.


  7. Stella, Actually Nick was at this fashion afterparty in teh roof of somewhere and Paul was there!!!! I hope it wasnt the same! jeje…

    Morgan, you made me laugh so hard! heheh… poor Helena, she hangs with vagabunds that shag her face.. bad bad thing… :-P


  8. stella

    nick zinner is cute but soooo short. and this party was at a hotel and not on a roof… but who knows? paul needs to lose the aging supermodel


  9. An Exquisite Corpse

    Anners: Sorry as I should have been more specific. I don’t go to his alma mater (although Columbia is fab and then some). I go to the school he founded in Boulder. And you do know they are making a movie about the Howl controversy, right? And James Franco is playing Allen, which seems like all kinds of wrongness. That’s like Cameron Diaz playing Courtney Love in a biopic.

    Back on topic, I sure hope they lyrics to the next cd aren’t all about fashion shows and tennis.


  10. googie

    man, that really is depressing! and did she always have that chin?! she muuuust be amazing smart or something… there has to be a point to this all. i hope he’s really happy.


  11. Thank you girls. Maximo is fine. Sleeping all day. You know? I almost named him Maximo Daniel… but my husband got angry with me and i had to abandoned the idea haha

    He will be 1 month old this monday… time goes really fast don’t you think?

    Oh… and if you know how to lose 15 kilos really fast, please tell me… i will be depressed if i can’t wear my normal clothes soon :(


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