Shag Or Gag?

What the eph happened to my beloved Jason London?!   He’s seen better days, sadly.  Dazed and Confused is one of the greatest movies in the history of the world.  I watched it tonight because I was bored and it brought back the memories.   And like, what happened to Wiley Wiggins?  Hahaha.  Sometime after The Rage: Carrie 2, Mr. London lost his special hotness.   He’s a mess these days, and that’s too bad.  :(

Shag or gag it!


^ Jason, where are your argonauts?   Sorry.  I am both Lame and Tired…

^ The Hotness.

^ My crush is over, but if it were ten years ago I would totes jump his bones.


14 thoughts on “Shag Or Gag?


    I knew we were soulmates Anners, Dazed and Confused is my all-time favorite movie EVERS! I saw it in the theater like 4 times! I hate watching it on cable though because they cut all the smoking scenes out. Not that I feel so strongly about getting high, but there’s kinda nothing left to watch if you cut all those scenes out.

    I don’t know what happened to Wiley Wiggins. He did do another one of what’s-his-name’s movies though, I’ll check IMDB.


  2. What the hell happened to him? He looks like Brendan Fraser in that last pic.

    I’ll shag Jason London the Younger, but not Jason London the Elder.

    Doesn’t he have a twin brother?


  3. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    Aw! Shag! What a sweetie.
    That last photo did wake me up a bit. Not in a good way eithers – more like an ice cold shower on my loins.

    Does everyone end up looking like Brendan Fraser? The dingo looks like him, Jason London looks like him, who is next? Orlando? Our beloved Benji?


  4. Ugg

    SHIT!!!!! i always thought this guy and JEREMY LONDON(from mallrats) were the same guy, until now when i checked his imdb profile , AND THEY ARE TWINS!!!!!!! AHAHHAHAHHAHA. that’s really weird.
    oh yeah gag now btw, shag 15 years ago , or maybe not ew i was only 7


  5. He does kinda look like Brendan Fraser in the last pic. :(

    Wanda: Soulmates!

    Ugg: hahahaha, you didn’t know he had a twin? I was always partial to Jason because he was the one in Dazed and Confused.

    Ali-ers: You’re right about the dingo. I forgot about the FACT that she likes Brendan.


  6. stella

    my parents just made a small film with him as the lead. he is a bit chubby these days and kind of a prick. i spent a few days on the set with him and sally kirkland. not my ideal afternoon i’ll tell u that much.


  7. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    I totes didn’t know he had a twin. However shaggable he may have been in the past, Stella’s story makes him a gag for me. Seems like perhaps he’s bitter about his career?


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