The Rexy Goddess In Action

Kate Moss

The Vivienne Westwood show at London Fashion week brought out Katers Moss, the rexy mannequin slag that I am pretty much in love with at this point.  She started the evening on her best behavior but then soon regressed to her usual turpitude.  All it takes is one drink, and the rexy slag falls to pieces! 

Kate also debuted her brand new hairdid.  I can dig it.





^Y’all gonna make me act a fool up in here/ up in here. 


the rexy leading the anorexy.  Poor Allegra.  I mean rich Allegra (she’s worth major bones), but ya know, I feel bad because she’s got eating issues…  :(

Kate Moss


6 thoughts on “The Rexy Goddess In Action

  1. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    I like Katers’ dress. Is that one of her designs?
    I might have to lose 200lbs just so I can buy one of dem at Topper Shopper!


  2. stella

    are those shoes from yves st laurent?
    i want em
    and damn… kate looks tore the fuck up!
    poor alegra.. she would be kinda pretty if she wouold just connect a feeding tube to her arse


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