You are not going insane in the membrane, I changed the format yet again…  Some sweet slags were saying that the last one was a little more complicated.  This layout is less complicated, I hope!   Even Miranda Kerr can navigate her wretched ass around it.

Tiffers, Janers, Panders:  Yoo hoo!   Where the eph are you bytchizz?!

So I’m over that whole GRE wrinkle.   I still have some mess to dick around with before I am phinally through with grad school applications and whatnot.  It’s not really a big deal, but when you factor employment into the equation, it gets nasty.

I’ll probably be blogging for a bit tonight, so if you want to talk shit or holler to my phace, tonight’s yer night.


12 thoughts on “Ahoy!

  1. tiffers euphonious

    shiz has been busy lately. ugh – i need to not be working both jobs! i just need one good one! :) how is grad school stuff going?


  2. tiffers euphonious

    that would require moving back to so cal. which wouldn’t be the worst thing evs. wish me luck – finding a job out here right now is next to impossible! good luck with your letters and let me know if you want me to ghost write one of them ;)


  3. tiffers euphonious

    awww you ladies are sweet and sorry i was such a re-re and missed getting back to this. i will email you wanda and give you the scoopage! thanks again anners! woot!


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