I’m Aphraid

Sarah Palin is a slooooow pitbull.


9 thoughts on “I’m Aphraid

  1. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    That was hard to watch. I love how she repeated the same exact answer twice at the beginning. These issues are all far over her head, hopefully that will be even more apparent when she debates Biden.


  2. tiffers euphonious

    oh how i cringe at her voice. she reminds me of all the re-re mormon moms back in utah all uppity and on their high horses. i would love nothing more than to slap that face. repeatedly.


  3. stella

    i’ve been traveling around the world.. ok maybe just one state in this united states of america is on sale.
    thanks for the amendment. i can sleep safe tonight.. hehehee


  4. I almost feel sorry for Palin. She sucks. But she kills wildlife, so phuck her wetodded ass.

    Stella: I had a feeling this was giving you the shakes at night. Glad I could help. ha.


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