Shag Or Gag?

Kick requested this shag or gag a while ago and I didn’t see it till now.  I’m sorry, Kick!  Sorry!!!!  Anyway, this dude is Carl Barat.  He used to be in a band with Pete DirtyHo (The Libertines) and he’s British.  That should be all you need to know to understand that a shag is in order.




27 thoughts on “Shag Or Gag?

  1. Well, I meant to say his hands are ham hocks. He’s got stubby sausage fingers. Like me. Fun fact, it was a bitch playing the cello as I got on in years and I began to play much more complicated music. My fingers just weren’t built for musical instruments. I had to stretch them like a mofo.

    Now, Mofo, he’s got skinny fingers. Go take a look


  2. googie

    Anners i’m always here!!! even when i’m in third world countries i’m checking in!!! i’m supposed to be soul searching but my mind wanders & then wonders what gossip i’m missing out on haaha.


  3. Layla

    He is fucking hott! first to last picture. I think the last picture is especially hott. dirty indie boys are the best.


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