Adios, AmigHO

There is a delicious rumor phloating through the atmosphere that Elisabeth Hasselbeck may be leaving the view.  Smart   liberal bytches make her anxious.   She may be scurrying off to the safe confines of the cesspool of news otherwise known as Fox News.   She’ll host her own show about designing tennis shoes and explaining why she is not responsible for any of the shit that is going down in this country even though she voted for George Bush’s DUMB ASS twice.  Seriously, the people who voted for him need to be kicked out and sent to Iraq.  

Sorry for the digression. A source says she’ll be happy to be with her own “kind”.   I’ll be happy too. 

P.S. Can Sherri Shepard (sp?) leave next?  She’s stooopit too. 



4 thoughts on “Adios, AmigHO

  1. tiffers euphonious

    asshole-beck needs to eph right off. let her go to fox where we don’t have to be bothered with her re-re-ness anymore.


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