Cougar At Work

Helena Christensen may be a supermodel but she is happy to muck in, heaving heavy boxes from the removal lorry and into her New York home

The cougar is moving!  Sayeth The Daily Mail:  “The 39-year-old mother-of-one, who now has a second career as a respected photographer, lives with her British boyfriend Paul Banks, the frontman of US band Interpol.”

Why do I phind this phunny?   Enjoy these pictures of the cougar packing up her botox collection.



Helena  Helena Christensen




31 thoughts on “Cougar At Work

  1. kick

    Are these not the most hilarious photos ever? Do photographers camp outside her house or what?

    Also, why is Paul not helping his woman move?


  2. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    Kick – you’re right! People are just sitting around watching her move boxes. Those lazy bastards. I’d be tell them to get off their arses & help if I were her.


  3. tiffers euphonious

    it’s just weird – celebs have peeps handle that stuff for them. clearly she wanted everyone to see she is making a big deal about moving in with cola. i for one am extremely jealous! ;) cougar – 1, tiffers – depressed.


  4. dsolrac

    I wonder if she is moving out of her house or moving her store ? I think her store was having a closing sale when we were up there last week. But, I’m not sure. I don’t think she looks that bad – kinda cute in overalls!


  5. girls: her face and her looks is the result of the lack of the next things:
    professional make up,
    professional hair dresser,
    designer’s dress or cotour,
    designer`s shoes,
    hours of preparation,

    in short… that´s the way she looks in real life, not behind the celebrity parafernalia…

    Lula, you are right! I think I can see some blond hair coming out of one of the boxes! :-P


  6. hazey jane

    Brazillian press is saying they’re married. I’m depressed as well. I never believed this shit would go so far. So, they’re married and happy? Let’s wait for the babies. And let’s wait for her to dump him. I still don’t think they’ll be together forever, you know? They’re just doesn’t match.

    *Cry in despair*


  7. hazey jane

    They just don’t match. My bad, sorry. My brain isn’t working since yesterday night, when I saw the news on the live journal.


  8. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    I’m gonna hafta take your word for it on her being beautiful in person, ladies, because she looks tore up here. You know she bought those overalls to be her moving outfit for moving day. Cuz she looks all manual labor and shit.

    Did you guys go to her eurotrash store? The curiosity would have gotten the better of me.

    Yes Googie, I think a little Cola is imminent. Those cougar claws will not retract from the “British frontman from Interpol” at any time now or in the future. Oh Abbey, wherefore art thou? :(


  9. lou

    what’s in those boxes? they do NOT look heavy at all, maybe they’re just empty and she’s doing it for the kodak moment.


  10. kick

    She wants her kids to look alike, so she chose someone who looks exactly like her ex. Freaky.

    Hazey, is the Brazilian press reliable? I thought HC was never getting married and didn’t believe in monogamy?


  11. hazey jane

    No, Kick. Brazillian gossip press isn’t reliable. I just mentioned that for you guys to know how brazillian press is dealing with this subject. Ha! Hysterical.

    I thought the same as you and I don’t think she would change her mind because of Paul Julian Banks. I still don’t believe they’re living together. It was a misunderstanding.

    *One can only hope*



  12. kick

    I don’t think they got married. She makes news when she’s moving boxes, I think she would be in the news for getting married.


  13. I bet she is moving her store. I did go there while we were in NYC, & they were having a “‘closing sale.” It was the tiniest place ever. After I got snubbed by the person working in the store & after brushing elbows with two extremely annoying, pretentious bytches that were shopping there, I quickly left. Maybe she looks better through a glass window.


  14. d.solrac

    I agree with Morgan – I think this is her moving or closing down her store. And, yes, she does look “tore up” in these pictures. I will say that I know some very attractive people who cannot take a good snapshot to save their lives. She looks great in person. I am her age and I also look like a dump in pictures, and slightly less of a dump in 3D.


  15. jaded4good

    Agree with whoever said the boxes look empty. It’s just another set-up papfest to show stars are only human too. She looks like my granma. (Don’t tell my gran, she’ll kick my ass for this)


  16. adrien

    what the fuck is wrong with you people? do you really see what you all are doing you all seem like a very bunch of limp sad people,
    shes a sweet person and you all im sure are a bunch of fat ugly ladies,go and get the fucking man of you want,grow up


  17. desperado

    Are u sure they’re still together? I’ve read in many interviews she did recently that she is single. AND Some articles including confirmation by HC’s rep were floating around last year saying the couple ended their relation during the spring 2009 … To me, they’re no longer a pair.


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