Milla Jovovich Has Cool Phans


For no good reason I visited a Milla Jovovich Messboard.   It was sort of hot stuph, actually.  It’s like the only messboard where there is a mix of oui oui possessors and gina holders.  Cool, cool beans.  The “Rave About Milla Sticky Thread” was the worst shiz imaginable, though.  This one was my favorite — I found it on the ‘pictures request’ thread.  

Can you guys hook a brother up with some pictures of Milla in 128×160 dimensions. I’m on a public laptop for a few days so I can’t…. pwetty pwease.

Here are the raves:

  1. I don’t think I can find so much words to say how much I love her but maybe with these I can do it: I’M READY TO DIE EVERY DAY, EVERY MOMENT FOR YOU …Hail to lady Milla!
  2. I am here to state my gratitude for you. I wish to thank you for encouraging people. You raise our morale. You give us the lead in faith, mercy and valour. Let you always be with us!
  3. Long live the Maid of God!
  4. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I too am a Milla fan, but seriously, some of your posts people, SOME are bordeline psycho.
  5. Well… What can I say…
    Since I saw her for the first time, I though:
    How can a Woman be so perfect, so beautiful, so special??
  6. I don’t know what happens, but she got somethin’ that I just love…
    If I could pass one day of my life with a celebrity, for sure that I would choose her…It would be one of the happyest days in my life!
  8. Milla, love you because you pass me great energy!
  9. Я там побыл и поскучнел. А тебе там не скучно?
  10. 1) use english here
    2) this is not random chat
  11. Recently I’ve seen “Recident evil” . This is one of the best role of Milla.
    My heart is boom…. boom… boom… everytime I think of her.


Here’s Milla and her lover in Paris, hitting a Fashion-show related event.  I heart Milla.





6 thoughts on “Milla Jovovich Has Cool Phans

  1. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    “It’s like the only messboard where there is a mix of oui oui possessors and gina holders.”



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