another awesome snl!

sarah palin is just so gosh darn folksy and cute! you can’t bring ‘er down – the good lord is gonna make sure a that! her reward is in heaven after all! she’s gonna take time out a her memrizin’ skeedoodule (she can push the learnin’ of how to be sayin’ nuclear instead of nucular til nex week!) and show up to them there nbc studios an’ appear with those crazy satterdee nyte live kins to show tina fey a thing or two ’bout comedy. you betcha!

annoying! sarah palin thinks she’s so whip smart and awesome because she has plans for spoofing tina fey on an upcoming episode of snl. say it ain’t so, joe! click here for more info.

on the flip side, tina fey is my new hero – i totally love her. here she is again impersonating the re-republican vp candidate. enjoy! :)

if the video is taken down you can also watch it here.


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