echo and the bunnymen – ocean rain

i was lucky enough to see echo play a special date here in nyc on wednesday to celebrate 30 years of their existence! it was a wonderful show. they started the first set with a bunch of crowd pleasing favorites (click more to watch lips like sugar, see the full setlist and read more of my babbling) which was followed by an intermission. then they came back out with the 10 piece orchestra and played ocean rain in it’s entirety. i guess somehow along the way i thought the orchestra was going to be bigger and that it was going to be a little more epic but it was still exceptionally beautiful anyway. the songs were more lush and expansive with the strings and i liked it a lot!

below is the killing moon with the orchestra:

lips like sugar, rescue and dancing horses were all spectacular! think i need it too is a new song (i think!). it was ok. the rest of the first set was great except the medley was a little weird. mac kept trying to get the crowd to sing doot de doot from wild side but no one was really doing it. it was a little re-re but whatevs. still love the man. i could not for the life of me understand a single word he said – it was hilarious! plus they had old pics of the boys rotating up on the two big screens on either side of the stage throughout the show. which ended up making me reminiscent for the good old days and then i just felt kinda old period! i think they were checking identification outside to ensure that everyone was at least 30 or older! :)

here is lips like sugar:


“Lips Like Sugar”
“Bring on the Dancing Horses”
“Think I Need It Too”
“The Disease”
“All That Jazz”
“The Back of Love”
“All My Colours”
“People Are Strange”
Medley: “Nothing Lasts Forever” / “Walk on the Wild Side” / “Don’t Let Me Down” / “In the Midnight Hour”
“The Cutter”


Ocean Rain:
“Nocturnal Me”
“Crystal Days”
“Yo Yo Man”
“Thorn of Crowns”
“The Killing Moon”
“Seven Seas”
“My Kingdom”
“Ocean Rain”

here is a crappy pic i took. i also recorded the killing moon but was retarded and accidentally deleted it :(

plus someone said they saw mozzers in the front row but who knows for sure! they have one more date in liverpool in november and if you are around that area at all i would highly suggest getting to the show!


8 thoughts on “echo and the bunnymen – ocean rain

  1. Thank you SO much for posting this, Tiff! I am now kicking myself in the ass for not moving mountains in order for us to have been able to stay in NYC for 2 weeks!!! Sounds like it was an amazing night! And hahahaha about them checking i.d.’s to see if everyone was 30 & older! The one good thing about going to a 30 & over show is that it is almost certain you will be in the midst of a very polite crowd! :)


  2. it really was wonderful! you know what – you’ll just have to come up and see some other cool show instead :) and it was a great crowd – that’s actually how i noticed that we all must have been older! we were soooo well behaved :) hahaha!


  3. stella

    moz in the front row?! yikes!
    i saw echo and the bunnymen a few years back at the house of blues and ian mcculloch had gray hair! it was a weird venue with a mixed crowd of oldies and newbies but everyone lost their shit when they played “lips like sugar”.. thats all i remember.. oh and this one chick who was partially hanging off the balcony singing to ian and then ian bitching out some loser in the front who was asking him to play a song that was not echo… hahahaha

    glad you had a great time!!!


  4. stella – i know (about mozzers!) i was going to say ian just isn’t what he used to be but you know it’s 30 years later. i love looking at old pics of his dreamy arse. and i love that he still spikes his hair :) were u at hob l.a. or oc? i don’t like hob l.a. as much. we saw boy george there and after the show when we left the backstreet boys were coming in and i just started laughing hysterically at them. my friend hurried me away before i could say anything mean but ever since then i think it has to be pretty lame if they are going there to hang. anyway, i digress. that is weirdness about the girl and the crowd. i think i almost went to that show, too, but decided against it.


  5. stella

    it was at the h.o.b. in l.a.
    and i remember i saw jc chasez walk into the flower shop i was working at in l.a. and i too laughed hysterically after he walked by. he definitely noticed i was laughing at him. c’mon, your band SUCKS! dont say youre in a band if no one plays instruments.. LOL!


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