Well, just as he promised, Whorelandoflashed me the pit of his resplendent belly on October 4th — quite a lovely birthday present, right?  This is what he told me per our last video conpherence:   “Anners, just so that you are aware that I am thinking about you and not the dingo on your buthday, I will phind a way to gratuitously flash me belly and bits of me private curls to the paps.  Okeys?!  Lurve ya, bytch!”

The pheeling is sooo mutual. 

So clever of him to have buttoned his shirt wrong, wait to have the paps point that shiz out, and wa-lah, stay true to his word.


"The slags at O-Love are like totally going to squee to death over this. They so are."
"All in all, this has been a good trip! I fulfilled my promise to Anners and I didn't have any painful, smelly run-ins with the wild dingo of Gunnedah. Go Orlando!"
"Dingos suck. Literally. Ouch. Big Teefs."
^ Paparazzo wanker: "Yoo-hoo, Whorelando! You buttoned your shirt all wrong, mate." Orlando (to himself): "Yeah, I know, bytch head! See, Anners? It's working. You see how I do?!"

I’m obsessed!  Here are some shots of Whorelando being strip searched at LAX.

"I was this reluctant the first time with the dingo, don't pheel too bad, lady."

"I shouldn't have ate that taco."


"Hello, World!"



15 thoughts on “Whorelando!

  1. SadieJo

    Oh, Anners! You are such a lucky burfday slaggie. Nuttin says “twu luv” from your boyo like a flash of the beer belly and a few stray curlies.

    And now we know why those boots are always half-zipped. Broken zippers, the cheap bastard.


  2. SadieJo

    Oh yeah, one more thing, between that belt and the screws in his back I bet he sets off those pesky metal detectors all the time. Even with his medical exemption card handy, I bet those TSA slags fight to see who gets to “wand” him. I would.


  3. I think she also said that he snores!

    What a thoughtful young fellow Whorelando has turned out to be, Anners. He wrote you that lovely birthday note and then he flashed his cute little belly for you.

    Such a sweet boy!


  4. SadieJo

    Can’t believe OB just missed me at the swap meet on Fairfax. Well, Anners, my favorite places were Santa Monica, Newport Beach and Dana Point. OMG some of those houses are just sick. I am green, green with house envy.

    The sun just setting over Catalina Island as we flew out of Long Beach airport was so totally beautiful. Great way to end a vacation.

    Oh, and the Whorely is looking really porny in that last “hello world” pic, IMHO.


  5. Co

    THANKS SOOO MUCH ORLANDI for showing us some of your glorious skin. Absolutely love the curly hair, i hope he doesn’t cut it again. So nice the dingo is no where in sight for now. If Orlando is not in Pirates 4 i have no interest in it what so ever. Much love.


  6. jaded4good

    Yay, Anners! Many happy returns of the day! Whorely and his pubic hair, lol lol lol… I still prefer cake on a birthday, but that’s just me. :D


  7. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    Anners – so you did have a happy birfday then :D
    Do you think Oral will buy new boots as his present to you for next year?

    Yeah, I don’t think he will eithers.


  8. Thank you, Mystic. And Happy belated birthday to you!

    SadieJo: So nice to hear you had a good trip. Shame all over you for missing my shag at the fairfax Flea Market, though. You should have known he was going to be there. I love Santa Monica, too.

    Wanda: jajaja. “Take it off bytch”


  9. Happy Birfday to ya!

    I believe this new video goes along well with “Mr. I have difficulty buttoning my shirt”. it is HI-larious

    Happy Birfday to y’all!


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