Please wish Tiffers a Happy, Happy Birthday!   I goofed and didn’t send this off sooner  (my mind is a swamp these days).  The guilt!  I can’t believe I spent TIME posting that dumbass Orlando Bloom post and didn’t do one for the adorable, sweet, kind-hearted, and absolutely boss Tiffers.  :(  I’m so sad right now.


Please forgive me for not wishing you a happy birthday sooner.  I’m sorry!!!!!   I hope you had a splendid day!   I think you are one of the sweetest girls on the planet.  You’re also superbly witty and smart, and I am eternally grateful that you have blessed us all with your lovely spirit this past year.

Much Love, Hugs, and Well-Wishes,



Your man, Jarvis:

Pete Dirtyho and his ex-wench:


A youtube of Jarvis that you’ve prob already seen.  :(


That ED fellow:


Happy Birthday, Beautiful!   Libras rock!


25 thoughts on “HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY TIFFERS !!!!

  1. stella

    happy birthday tiffers!!! we are so glad your mother didnt use contraception!!
    hahaha… lame joke. anyho, hope it was a good one!
    p.s. why is jarvis cocker so hot in that nonconventional way? ooh makes me wanna do sessy times with him


  2. anners – thank you so much! this made me laugh so hard :) i love it! and i freaking love that last pic of chuck bass. ending the boy tribute off with a smile! this soooo rules :)

    wanda – jarvis cocker is the boy i would marry if i could. he is so smart and brilliant and funny and talented. he was the lead singer of pulp and he’s doing the solo thing now. you should check him out on itunes or you tube. my fave right now is black magic :) not to mention he has the sessiest speaking voice evs!!! here check out this interview: http://www.pitchfork.tv/interview/jarvis-cocker. it’s not the best but you get an idea.

    stella – hahah :) i have no idea but i want that man!!! :) he is amazing!!

    zu – you are so sweet, thank you!!

    ugg and akeelers – ahhh chuck bass. my life is a little brighter with him in it ;)

    and thanks so much to the rest of you slags for the birthday wishes. you are all fabu and i appreciate you all! :)


  3. Janers

    So we have 2 Spring/Autumn babies on the team? Happy birthday Tiffers – hope u had a good day and gotz everything u wanted.


  4. elena

    those fugly rings. oh banks, why?

    birthday greetings from some fugly mainstream planet.

    ps: the blog’s new look is sexy.


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