Kate Is Excited At The Prospect Of An Emotional Reunion With Her Lover

Okay, so I’ve officially sent all of my Kate Moss and Pete Dirtyho icons to the recycling bin on my computer.  You know what would be a good idea?  A virtual picture burner.  Sending pictures of ex-boyfriends such as Cola Gorda to the recyling bin on the computer hard drive just doesn’t provide catharsis.  A match, and a slow burn allowing the images to leak, collapse and disintegrate before my eyes would be great.

DirtyHo is out.  It’s time that I accept the phact that Kate Moss is attached to Jamie Hince’s oui oui.  Sayeth Kate:  “Me and Jamie are fine. He wasn’t best pleased with me going out all the time but it wasn’t a massive issue and it’s all sorted now. We’re really happy.”


According to Female First UK (where I get the bulk of my phucking rubbish pile news) Kate and Jamie recently had “a series of blazing rows over Kate’s love of partying.”  That is HOT!!!   They’ve since put all that blazing rowiness behind them, though, because a hot-lipped source says that the romance is back on:  “Kate loves Jamie.  It wasn’t a difficult decision for her to tone down the partying because she’s committed to making the relationship work.”

Female First also says that Jamie is on tour with his band, The Kills, that he is due to return to the UK very soon, and that “Kate is excited at the prospect of an emotional reunion with her lover.”

ha ha ha

P.S.  Dear Dude behind Katers:  Mickey Mouse shirts and beards don’t mix.



8 thoughts on “Kate Is Excited At The Prospect Of An Emotional Reunion With Her Lover

  1. Anners? Did you know that once on another website I changed my tag to “Hussein”? And that I was thinking about doing it again on WordPress?

    Can you please get the hell out of my brain Anners?


  2. jamers – you are a boring old tosser. and katers is not. do not try to control her fun partying ways. you are not so important that you can tell her what to do! that is who the slag is. i hate your tiresome arse. can she just break up with him already? SAVE KATERS!!!!!


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