synecdoche, new york

so today whilst i was at work the lovely and talented catherine keener sauntered on in! i was very excited as she is one of my favorite actresses. plus she seemed very nice. anyway, she just so happens to be in a movie that is coming out on the 24th that was written by charlie kaufman (one of my favorite writers) called synecdoche, new york. if you are not familiar with his work, he’s written the brilliant being john malkovich (which catherine was awesome in), adaptation and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

here is the trailer for your viewing enjoyment!


2 thoughts on “synecdoche, new york

  1. jaded4good

    I’m offtopicing again, has anyone seen this sighting?

    Orlando Bloom and Russell Crowe, having dinner separately but over the same weekend at RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Century City, Calif.

    Wouldn’t you wanna be a waitress for a weekend? :D


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