Old Ephing News

Madonner and her British Husband have decided to get a divorce.  I am like so shocked.  They looked like such a happy couple.  A source says that “Guy has felt emasculated throughout the marriage.”  No chit!



7 thoughts on “Old Ephing News

  1. Run Guy, run for your life!

    Seriously mate, you’re better off without her. Now she’s gone you can relax and let your balls drop back into their normal position.

    And get back to doing what you (used to) do best. Making movies. Now she’s gone you don’t have to be worried about trying to find a suitable role for a harping, untalented and slightly over the hill actress. And I use the term actress extraordinarily loosely (much like your soon to be ex wife’s morals, really).

    Sorry about the kiddies though.


  2. regardeless of Madonna being a real bitch, I really liked them as a couple and I have to say I always take my hat off for Madonna cause she´s somebody who has brains and guts and does whatever she wants and does it right…

    But for the same reason I think it must be really hard for any guy to be with her.. Sad thing :-( Although Guy´s carreer will be much better without her… that´s for sure… plus he will be swimming on money!! :-P


  3. Kellers

    She is really starting to take on a Cruella deVille vibe, isn’t she? They have looked miserable for a while and she almost ruined his career with that “Swept Away” movie. I admire her accomplishments, but I don’t think I’d want to hang out with her very much.


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