Kate Winslet, You’re Supposed To Be Perfect

I cried a thousand oceans when I saw these pictures of my favorite actress in the whole wide world, Kate Winslet, smoking a ciggie.  Bah hobag!  Just kidding.  Am I terrible that I don’t care whether or not people smoke?  I actually like the way cigarettes smell.  I’ve never smoked one first-hand, though.  This totally contradicts the Kiki post Janers just did a few posts back.  Forgiveme,  Janers.

Kate Winslet shoud should  be deified.

^ I can’t ephing SPELL anymore.

Photos:  Posh24



Put out your cigarette!


Look behind you!


9 thoughts on “Kate Winslet, You’re Supposed To Be Perfect

  1. cat

    Really? Disappointing? Imean, Kate is my favorite actress too, but it’s her life, she’s free of doing whatever she wants. I’m not gonna cry, get angry/disappointed/sad at those pictures because she’s being herself, and I love her for that .


  2. Kate Williams

    smoking isnt really all that bad for you. i mean, scientists have never actually proven that it kills you head on. so its okay.


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