Poor Wheel Turner

Aren’t you supposed to look hot on a motorbike?  Because you kind of DON’T.   It’s okay I still love you and would have all of your babies.  And don’t think I’m superficial because I’m picking on your GUT, TITS, and general mushiness.  What about you,  Whorleando?  Do you pick your girlfriends out of fashion magazines? 

The dingo is sucking the hotness right out of you.  How many phucking times do I have to say this chit before it sinks in?

This will be my last post dedicated to you, Whorelando.  You’re just not worth my time anymore (not that you ever were) and further, you’re sort of a rotten human being. 


All of the hos in this picture look SLOPPY as hell. :)
Belly and Boobs!
dyke on a byke. (Sorry)

10 thoughts on “Poor Wheel Turner

  1. Akeelers Barnes

    Holy shite! That boy is a good B- cup at least. And his tits have the nerve to be perky! OMG!

    Anners, did you get this boy knocked up and not tell anybody? ;)

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  2. SadieJo

    Geezus Cryst. Pick Pick Pick…..you pholks. Look at himself standing there so dazed and confused. The poor sweetie.

    He’s a big ole loveable pile of messy junk ain’t he!

    DoughBoy Defender

    (But I totes agree about the perky nips.)


  3. Poor Orlando

    Dyke on a Bike – ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…… Do NOT apologize!

    Man, he FINALLY wears something other than his Grandpaw Cardigan…. a hot, sessy leather jacket, something I’ve been hoping for ever since I saw Bensie B. in one… and he looks like Jack Nicholson on takeout!

    Then, the next day, he looks oh-so-hot again posing for paparazzi at some film event! Whorley, the world wants to know your diet secrets. Oh yeah, when you’re with the dingohbych, you eat yourself into a coma and then when she’s in another hemisphere, you’re yourself again: the boy-man we all know and luv.

    That works for me.


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