Know that the Guy/Madonna spilt is official – it’s time for them to do what all self respecting ex-hollywood couples do – start making public insults via their friends.

‘A close friend’ of Madonna’s claimed that their marriage was doomed after Guy showed lack of support after a fall of a horse snapped 8 of her bones. Apparently: “She was so furious at what she saw as Guy’s lack of support and cruelty that she told him she was wrong to marry him as he couldn’t possibly be her soulmate.”

Guy’s pals were also quick to join the blaming game by saying it was Madonna’s intense workout regime that drove a wedge between the couple. He’d get really frustrated that she’s spend half the day working out  he told friends that sleeping with her was like cuddling up to a piece of gristle.

Whatever happened to battling it out in private?

Source 1 & Source 2


3 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. well u kno what? idk why/how these two mofos get married in the first place. madge isnt a human she’s a brand/product/icon, no self respecting hetero man wude wagon-train behind her…

    i jus hope she does the smart thing and finds a way of not having to pay him ANY money. she shude make him injest drugs and say that he was a drug addict during the marriage which prob isnt that far from the truth…


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