three little words

as always – don’t read unless you’ve watched the latest episode of gossip girl! spoilers abound!!

ok, FTW? i think i was as pissed as blair was with the clearly unexpected abstinence of chuck. i was all excited for some hot sessiness only to be left feeling unsatisfied. completely unacceptable! :( chuck had better not be going after vanessa. grossness/boringness!

and now we know where that little j and nate kissy face pic came from. clearly he is moving in with the familia of his new boring bromance and he’s going to fall in love (or hopefully just have a 1 or 2 episode fling) with jenny. ewwww. and what’s up with her in the next episode trying to be all badass designer who thinks she owns the place? queen b, someone needs a bitch slap stat! is she trying to channel debbie harry or something?

not so bueno news: a major character is going to get the kibosh! oh noes!!! for more deets click here. who do you think it will be and how will it go down? i hope it’s dan (although that will never happen), little j or vanessa. but it will probably be bart and he’ll probably have a heart attack and then lily will be all alone again and she’ll desperately chase after rufus once more. why can’t the olds on the show be a little more interesting (or at least be a little more scandalous?)

in ed news – ed, just for future reference, any of the gg slags here would adore sweet whisperings in our ears from your fabulous self (no matter how inappropriate or indecorous): per nydn: Ed Westwick channeled his Lothario “Gossip Girl” character, Chuck Bass, at a Thompson LES party. A spy says his stream of comments to a leggy brunette finally caused her to turn around and shout, “All right – enough out of you!” Westwick, stunned, did an about-face and walked away.

and how could i not include a clip of the best commercial evs?!?!?!? xoxo!


14 thoughts on “three little words

  1. Kellers

    OMFG – that was the best episode ever! I would love Chuck and Vanessa to get together! Seriously, him walking out on Blair was perfect. :)


  2. Akeelers Barnes

    I was pissed Chuck and Blair didn’t get it on, too. :( That was the equivalent of female “blue balls”!

    Vanessa seems like the type who will go for anybody that cracks a smile at her. she pretty much had all three of the Gossip Guys.


  3. Ugg

    is the best thing i have ever seen in my whole life lol
    lets take our clothes of and stare at each other LOL LOL LOL LOL i dont know how he can say stuff like that with a straight face he has to crack up everytime
    i’m watching the new episode in 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!! downloading it now!!!!!!!!!!! so i didnt read anything yet hahaahahsa!!!!! you forgot last weeks episode!!!!but it didnt really have much much chuck in it so it wasnt important lol


  4. Ugg

    hahahahhaha ok now i watched it, so i can read what you wrote!
    OK I’M SO EXITED ABOUT SOMEONE DYING, haha that sounded mean
    but i bet it will be someone not important like bart bass, alltho im going to miss him kinda. chuck’s weak spot , i kinda like him when he is hurt
    but HAHHA did you see the who will die-poll on that website? the choices were sooo funny lol lol!
    this was a very weird episode, LOTS AND LOTS of chuck , never a bad thing but it was very weird. and i think vanessa is really horrible, she is just there
    and she is sooo boring and stalkerish. blahhhhhh
    she always shows up at peoples houses hunts them down and follow them to school and everywhere it’s a little creepy, get a life.
    but aw chuck he wants blair to love him, but i didn’t really get the feeling that he did this episode it was all so strange. but shiiit it was so hot in the bed when they started to kiss, ghahhhhhhhhh hhhahaha and if you think that was long you have no idea, or whastever he said LOOOOOOOL
    im not buying it if he FALLS for vanessa, that’s just annyoing, and then shes a big slut shes been with all three of them ew
    actually i want chuck and serena to do something soon, im kinda over b+c!
    that would be really hot. oh and i like serena now btw


  5. Tiff – I have not had time to watch this yet so I had to scroll through this post with my eyes closed! I will report back after I watch it! Just wanted to let you know so you didn’t wonder or worry that I was losing interest in my #4 boyf, Chuck Bass. ;)


  6. Kellers

    Hi Anners! :) Ugg, I know, it’s like Vanessa is the all-purpose industrial strength character. They always invent some weird way to put her at the school or the rich people’s party. It cracks me up. I actually think they might have Chuck fall for her for a while to keep the tension up with Blair. If they were together there would be nothing to watch!


  7. kellers – i loved how he was all sassy, too, saying that she had to start to chase him. this should be good! and your assessment of vanessa is pretty dead on! i just don’t get what her purpose is. has she graduated and is running the gallery or does she get permission to not go to school or something? i don’t understand her story line at all? doesn’t she have a slutty mom that could do a mrs. robinson with chuck or something?

    akeelers – female blue balls is right! and very true about vanessa. a little desperate if i say so myself.

    ugg – sorry about last week and yes that advert is the best thing evs! :) you like vulnerable chuckles? awww! and i love what you said about vanessa, too. she is always following people around and showing up where she isn’t wanted! annoying – she is the female dan fo sho. i know – unrequited haaaawwwwt-ness with b and c! i think chuck was just ephing with blair but i don’t know, maybe he wants to get back to being romantic. but i loved the point he made about him not being able to say he loved her, either. no more dan and serena for sure and i think s is a little too straight laced for chuck. but it would be tawdry and tasteless so i may end up liking it! :D

    morgan – did you watch it yet? omfg get on it girl! it’s mucho importante!!! :)


  8. Kellers

    Remember how Nate was a sweetie and got her to take the SAT’s to keep her options open? Were we to conclude she is a HS grad? Seriously, they need to do some “splainin about her.


  9. This episode was super hot, but I have to disagree with most of you guys about one thing. I love Vanessa…maybe b/c I am as boring as she is. Anyway, she is the prettiest girl on the show. So, of course, she’s had all the gossip guys. She’s just as hot as they are. If Nate & Lil J lasts longer than one episode, I am going to be extremely pissed. I’d rather Nate hook up with Dan than that little skank!


  10. jane121

    Vanessa does home schooling – or so they said. I don’t understand it tho who is there to teach her?

    I thought it was weird that Nate stayed with the humphreys on a friggin sofa bed when he has friends with fancy guest rooms he could crash in. I’d rather live in an empty house then on someone’s couch.

    Chuck is entertaining to watch but I don’t think he’s relationship material. Imagine walking into a bar and knowing half the women there have slept with your boyfriend. He’s also an attempted rapist. Blair should find someone else.

    Vanessa is a pain in the arse. She’s so bitchy and judgemental. She just assumes that anyone who’s had it easier than her must be an asshole and has never know any type of suffering.


  11. morgan – you are hardly boring and you are way cooler than vanessa could ever be. nate and dan would certainly be more preferable than nate and little j. i guess we’ll see what’s up tomorrow!

    janers – thanks – i couldn’t remember if that was ever implied or not. the nate thing is strange because why wouldn’t he just go stay at chuck’s dad’s hotel if nothing else? it is re-re but maybe gossip girl is trying to bring folksy and not so glamorous back. hence, the humphrey abode! chuck is the biggest man whore ever. they should bring on some kind of chuck in female form to go up against him. kind of like karen on will and grace. and i totes agree with you on vanessa. she is always on her soap box!


  12. jane121

    I agree they need a female Chuck – It’s always sweet when 2 complete whores meet and find love.

    Vanessa needs to get over herself.


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