i don’t understand

does this magazine have a love affair with buster poindexter/wally cleaver types? they made our perfectly hot nate archibald look phucked up :( click through for more pics from gawker and read the article here.

does chace need to get his eyebrows did? maybe that’s why he wears his bangs in his face all the time!


8 thoughts on “i don’t understand

  1. voxy – dude it’s not even a pleasant memory of years past. it’s just plain frightening!

    anners – the brows are a little out of control! i’m glad you think so, too!

    wanders – that was literally the first thing i thought when i saw the pic. oi! :(


  2. morgan – ok why is that fug pic of nate going up against the hotness pic of bobson? not that i am complaining cause i am choosing bobson over archibald, too. but hello – really? OMG can you imagine if that magazine did to bobson what they did to nate? eeeew!

    ali-ers – they are soooooo creepy!

    janers – don’t know if i saw hairspray all the way through. but didn’t the 50’s guy look hot in it, though? now i can’t get cry baby out of my head. that wasn’t a good look for jd, either!


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