i have a crush on jasper from twilight!

i have already updated my avvie to reflect my newest crush – jasper from twilight (for those of you functioning in pragmatic realities his real name is jackson rathbone). anyway, i couldn’t find a lot of great pics of him but i love the one above. le sigh, just one more reason to get excited for twilight to come out on nov 21! shag or gag slags? morgan already posted it but here is the newest trailer for the movie. one month and counting!!! does anyone else think that the soundtrack is pretty much fecal matter, though? with the exception of the muse, perry farrell and the bobson tracks of course!

him as jasper and blonde (looking very similar to bobson i might add!)

cuteness below!

throwing in a group shot with bobson and fellow oc’er volchok


27 thoughts on “i have a crush on jasper from twilight!

  1. Mrs. Ali-ers Barnes

    SHAG! This is a shag ‘r gag post, right? I’m confused today. I think I fell out of the re-re tree this morning :D

    But he’s hawt. How old is he? I hope he’s not like 17. I like younger guys & I always fear I will turn into a pedobear if I’m not careful.


  2. jane121

    I kinda think he’s a little fug – soz.

    The guy that’s playing edward looks good in that photo though. There were pics of him at the last gossip site I was at and he looked a bit like a crack addicted hobo.


  3. Shag please! In that top pic he is fecking delish.

    Ali-ers, I won’t let you turn into a pedobear :) I promise.

    I’m with Janers, sometimes Bobson is unbelievably hot, and then others he does resemble “a crack addicted hobo.”


  4. Akeelers Barnes

    Hey Ali-ers, this is another guy that Rachel Curtis chick denied ever dating when nobody knew they were dating in the first place. I’m gonna say shag just becuz I know she’s probably following me around the webz.


  5. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    ^ Really? NOW WAY! She’s an Assy Asserton! So this is another dude she denies dating? lolz
    She prolly is following us around ever since we had that confrontation with her lap dawg of Satan whatsherface.

    Sorry to threadjack Tiffers! Rachel Curtis was supposedly dating Ben Barnes (but denies it) and I wrote a post about “Who’s Dated Who?” and Rachel’s “friend” came to BlogSpew and yelled at Akeelers and me.
    I’ll go away now :D


  6. anners – i know, it’s shocking, right? :D

    wanders – i know, you and i just don’t meld when it comes to boys, do we?

    ali-ers – yay! he’s so 24 so he is most certainly of cougar attacking age :)

    jane – i saw a pic of him where he looked a little off, too. what site were you at?

    miss world – i know! i LOVE that pic!!

    akeelers & ali-ers – who’s rachel curtis? does she need a keester kicking for trying to get sassy with you two?


  7. stella

    dudettes.. all the guys in this movie just make me want to get out my vibrator!
    he has lead-singer-of-indie-rock-band written all over his face.
    SHAG for fucking sure!!!!


  8. Tiff – He is such a DOLL! I still prefer Bobson, but that just means we won’t have to share! :D And, yes, I agree – the Twilight soundtrack, for the most part, is a pile of shit! I have not even heard the Bobson song yet, but I am kinda scared! Actually very scared! The thing about the soundtrack is that there is a plethora of amazing songs they could have used! I’m hoping the music does not ruin the movie for me! :|


  9. jane121

    Tiff: I was at Oh No They Didn’t – I wish I could have worded that like Wanda. I’m tactless.

    The girl playing Bella doesn’t look like I pictured her – and is that blonde guy the guy from The Hot Chick that got his ponytail ripped off lololol.


  10. anners – i just noticed the rider strong part of your comment. that’s funny because he was at our blackjack table in vegas last month at the hard rock. and he’s so not cute anymore and short!

    stella – you verbalize so well what i am incapable of conveying sometimes!! hahaha :)

    morgan – i’m totes nervous, too. esp after you showed me the other time he sang. well, that was on youtube and this will have been mixed and everything so that may be a good thing, right? i really hope the music doesn’t crap up the movie, either :(

    ali-ers – ewww. trolls. annoying!

    janers – just saw the pics and he does look like he could use a shower. poor bobson, i’m sure he’s flying all over. he looks a little disoriented, too! the girl who plays bella kinda bugs me – she’s comes across as a bit arrogant/condecsending in the interviews i’ve seen her in. you read the book, then? she isn’t quite what i pictured, either.


  11. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    I googled Rider Strong cos I didn’t know who he was. And after looking at pics of him; I still don’t know who he is. Poor Rider.


  12. stella

    ok ok
    i am officially IN LOVE with jackson rathbone.
    thank gawd cuz i was having some serious hot menpholk withdrawal since paul banks was literally clawed apart beyond normal recognition via that witchy cougar ho..


  13. Yeah I’m with Stella, I’m crushing majorly on Jackson Rathbone too. I even Googled him, and I only do that for very special boys ;)

    “pedobearphelia” Ali-ers you crack me up! And I most definitely have your back floozy.

    Bella irritates me in the book so she’s sure to irritate me in the film too.


  14. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    ^ I agree w/ Miss World, Bella is really annoying. I like Edward & Jacob. The other vamps and werewolves are cool.
    Bella is the only dork there ruining it by running around cleaning and making sandwiches every five minutes.


  15. ali-ers – rider was on boy meets world (with one of the savage’s) does that help jog your memory? if not it was an awful show anyway and be happy you never watched it! and you really liked jacob? i only liked him a little at the end of the last book. but i know loads of peeps liked him. i’m a little annoyed at who they chose to play esme cause i think she’s totes weird and she bugs me (she was in grey’s anatomy for a while). bella cleaning and making sandwiches – hahahahahaha! :)

    yay stella! jackson it total hotness. and he’s good intermediary menpholk until the cougar lets our cola go.

    and yay miss world! woo hoo! bella didn’t irritate me in the book until the last book so i’m a little bummed and hoping i won’t be too distracted when i finally see the movie.


  16. jane121

    Yep I read the book. I found the storyline interesting but the characters lacked depth, especially Bella. She kinda has the personality of a brick wall – her ideal afternoon is doing English homework and scrubbing the toilet. It makes me sad.

    Edwards is ok once you get past the moving corpse part and all the sop, Jacob and Alice are interesting enough.


  17. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    Tiffers – no, I don’t think I ever saw that show. I do think my daughter watches it since it comes on the Disney channel. I might take a peek next time, but since you said it was awful, I might not :D
    I did like Jacob; I always have a soft spot for the underdog tho’.
    But I picture Jacob to look sorta like this guy: http://www.lahiguera.net/cinemania/actores/steven_strait/fotos/4117/steven_strait.jpg
    I’ll have to google who is playing Esme.


  18. janers – totally agree that the characters weren’t super defined. but it was a great read none the less! i loved the whole relationship with bella and edward like everyone else :) i loved alice and i was bummed that they never really went into too much detail with the rest of the vamps. there could have been books written around each one of them i’m sure.

    ali-ers – it’s really fine and i’ll own up to having watched it every once in a while a million years ago. it’s a typical teen sitcom. twilight – i think jacob bugged me because he was so aggressive with bella. at first he was fun and nice but then he got kind of over bearing. but in the end i liked him :) but i thought the whole imprinting on renesme was a little bit creepy! that guy you chose is pretty hot but i think it’s weird to have a non-native american person play the part of jacob. in particular that short weirdo that was picked to play him. he’s another one that i am totally disappointed with the casting! if either of those boys are native american then i apologize. but they certainly don’t seem like it to me and that’s a HUGE part of the jacob character.


  19. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    “i think it’s weird to have a non-native american person play the part of jacob. in particular that short weirdo that was picked to play him.”


    I totally agree about the non-Native issue. I really think whoever did the casting just didn’t look hard enough. I don’t know of many Native actors that are young enough to play Jacob, but there has to be some out there, ya know?

    And I also agree that imprinting on Renesme was creepy. I guess Steph Meyers was trying to tie everything together and thought that was a good idea? lol
    I’m still excited to see the movie, but I am a little worried I’ll be disappointed too.


  20. ali-ers – i completely agree with you on the casting re-re. i don’t think they did a very good job overall (although i love bobson, jackson and the girl that’s going to play alice). since eye candy will be in the majority of the movie i’m hoping that will keep me occupied! ;) if they were filming up there and everything why couldn’t they just find a local?

    morgan – hahahahahaha! oh bobson! and his stunning hair and teeth ;)


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