Madonners’ Show Looks Stoopit

Viking tranny on Mars. 




6 thoughts on “Madonners’ Show Looks Stoopit

  1. wow madge is trying way too hard! i always used to say i wanted madonna arms, too. no longer – foulness! there is a fine line between obsessively working out and keeping in shape and she’s clearly gone in to no man’s land on that one.


  2. Akeelers Barnes

    Madonner is swagger jacking her daughter Lourdes!

    As long as her daughter doesn’t abuse the HGH like her mom, i think that she will be ok.


  3. What happened to her? Is this her Halloween tour? I was absolutely obsessed with Madonna in the 80’s, & it pains me that she does shit like this. I know she is desperately trying to hold on to her youth, but the tube sox gotsta go!


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