licentious lists….

my fellow sonorous slags: morgan got the brill idear of doing a little cd exchange over at her blog and all of the ladies quite enjoyed it i must say! i thought it would be so much fun to do the same thing over here. so! here is the theme for this go round:

–  10 songs based on a boy (or you know, whomever floats your boat) who makes you drool and lose the capability to function normally whilst thinking of them. it’s a licentious list of sessy songs! you don’t have to be serious business sessy – do whatevs!

– mixes must be delivered to me by nov 19th so i can work on them over thanksgiving and get them back out to you the first week in december. think of it as early christmas prezzies!

– as morgan can atest to this can be a lot of work so there may be a limit to how many peeps can join in.

i was going to be snobby and put requirements on music taste and advise swappers to not put closer by nin on their mix since it’s you know, expected, but i will leave you all to your best judgement!! ;)

if you need some inspiration you can pop over to my contact page. i’ve recently updated the photos of some of the men pholk in my harem!


11 thoughts on “licentious lists….

  1. I´ll be happy to join the experiment but I seriously dont think my cd will arrive in time for nov 19, since I live in Mexico, and mexican post service sucks…. but I will try, I will try…



  2. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    Tiffers – I’d like to join, but you need to tell me if you thought the mix I did for Morgan’s exchange sucked big monkey balls.
    cos I don’t want to be that dork that won’t go away and keeps trying to shove her craptastic music down everyone’s throats :D
    Although the idea of putting “closer” by nin didn’t cross my mind, so that’s good at least ;)


  3. hazey jane

    I’d like to join, but as I live in Brazil, I don’t think the CD will ever reach you. I’ve tried sending things to people who lives abroad and they never received anything. I don’t know why such thing happens.



  4. anners – email me and we’ll figure something out chiqutita

    zu and hazey – perhaps we could do the swap electronically for you? let me know what you think. and that’s no bueno about the mail for you guys, that sucks! and it is a great idea :) that morgan rocks!

    ali-ers – i was actually just listening to your mix and i ephing loved it! so no monkey ball sucking! and you did pass the nin test so you are in! :P

    morgan – yay of course! :)


  5. Eska

    Can I just send you a copy of PJ Harvey’s “Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea”? Totes sessy, and all from the badass girl POV.


  6. hazey – i think so. zu sent me something before and it worked out really well so i’m hoping that might be an option for you two.

    ali-ers – :)

    eska – that is certainly a fabu cd! ;) although i think some of the slags already own it! would you still want in to do a mix (and feel free to include some of those tracks on it?)

    all slags actually – why don’t you send me your email addresses and i will be in touch with more deets and all that fun stuff. the email address is thanks!


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