katers sells out in 15 minutes!

mossers newest fashions for top stop sold out in just 15 minutes! slaggers were lined up over an hour before the store even opened and were so excited when they got in that they couldn’t be bothered with trying the shiz on! they were too busy being grabby and just wanted it all! apparently the frock above was THE dress of choice. to read more click here. for more cuteness click through the link below.


10 thoughts on “katers sells out in 15 minutes!

  1. daners – that dress is totes cute, too!

    anners -those other two are cuteness, too! and i figured since you hadn’t jumped on it i would give katers her due ;) i like the first one, too!

    wanders – i’m right there with you as well :) a girl can always dream!

    mari – not a big fan of katers or do you just not dig her shiz? or both? :)

    kellers – i love the polka dress. it’s my fave i think!


  2. panders

    the panther dress has been going for $300-$400 on ebay. sadly i was one of the people who thought i had a chance at getting one…

    anyway, the line is not of the best quality- topshop makes great quality stuff, but they forgo quality for design when it comes to kate’s line. must pay all those designers they bring in & kate, after all…


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