The Art-Collecting Hobby Horse

Yummmm, that salad looks frigging delish!   The salad out of the way, this pic is damn near 45 years old.  I had another pic of of the wickedly gorgeous Hobby Horse I was going to use to illustrate this post, but it was too scary so I saved it for laters. 

It is understood that the hobby horse would like to purchase itself some art.  We’re talking SERIOUS PHUCKING ART created by renowned art-slags such as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin (Whorelando Bloom’s BFF), and Jonathan Yeo.  I’ve never heard of Jonathan before, though. 

The hobby horse is so hell-bent on purchasing a small parcel of the artwork (that accompanies some bunk-ass book inspired by fast and loose slappers who dwell in the Soho area of Londinium), that she pre-bid on the auction.  She did this because it is understood that she sees herself in one of the stories.  I think that particular story is titled:  “How My Blonde Bones and Giant Head Captivated Jude Ephing Law (!)  and Lead My Career And Life Down This MearryTrajectory and Ultimately Into The Arms of the Philandering Billionaire Whose Wealth Has Enabled My Arse To Bid On This Art In The Phirst Phucking Place.”  

I’m told that a percentage of the proceeds from the sale will be used to help London’s homeless.  That is great news for Rhys Ifans




7 thoughts on “The Art-Collecting Hobby Horse

  1. Johnathan Yeo is that clever bloke who does portraits of people using rude body parts (he’s done one of George W and one of Paris Hilton that I’m aware of).

    Looks like she’s got to make her own movies now coz no one else wants a skanky hobby horse in their lead female role. Except for Balthy.

    Is she auditioning for a remake of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie?


  2. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    In that bottom pic is she supposed to be porno Red Riding Hood?
    Why is her tee tee hangin’ out?
    Is that a picnic table cloth?


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