Rachel Bilson Walking Her Doggie

She and her human friend don’t look very happy about being papped, though. I detect mild annoyance on her part.  Have you ever wondered what this actually feels like?  Like if you just decided to go for a walk one morning and you look up and there’s some bytch phace snapping pictures of you?  I’d be cross, I ain’t gonna lie.  But I’d get over it.

Photos:  Posh24



5 thoughts on “Rachel Bilson Walking Her Doggie

  1. SadieJo

    I really don’t know much about Rachel, but I think she and the Gunnedah Ho share the same propensity for pap speed dialing . Read a JJ thread on her the other day and it was like an OB/CPK parallel universe. His fans despise her and are pretty vocal about their displeasure. However, they lack that essential extra effort that OB’s fans have gone to to create disparaging pet names for her. Anners, maybe you could help them out.


  2. SadieJo

    Wanda, Rachel is dating/bearding Hayden Christensen and his fans are totally fierce in their dislike of his chosen GF.


  3. Janers

    If people starting randomly photographing me in the street I’d probably get upset and start to cry or run away. These people made the decision to be famous tho, so I guess they just gotta put up with it.


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