Bozzers Is Phame-Whoring Again

She is forgiven, though.   Janers can’t stand her anymore, but she will always be my darling because she serves to illustrate the point that I don’t have issues with all of the girls WhOrlando Bloom used to make stick-phires with, just the PHUGLEE DINGO ones. 

Here’s Kate being a giant cheeseball at a party for the new Blackberry Bold.   Sounds audacious.  Does the phone have an attitude problem, or something? 

Sorcery via Babyjane @ The Fashion Spot


What The EPH happened to her phace?!

Wait a minute... what am I doing here again? James?

4 thoughts on “Bozzers Is Phame-Whoring Again

  1. Janers

    That is one fug suit – it looks like a mans jacket paired with underwear.

    It’s not that I can’t stand her, she just seems so boring nowadays. I thought she was cool when I was 18, I had just quit uni, worked part time and basically had no life and was pretty depressed about that – we used to get celeb mags for the waiting room at work and she was often in them (coz she lived in Sydney at the time) being extremely skinny, kissing up to designers and going to glamorous events. I’m a grown up now and none of that stuff seems that interesting anymore.

    BTW is anyone else wondering if she’s got into the botox? In that first pic she’s smiling brightly but nothing above her cheeks is moving – is that normal?


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