The Cougar Dressed Up For Halloween

I don’t quite know what she is though.  A sherpa?  Where the eph is Cola Gorda, btw?  I’m starting to miss him. 




19 thoughts on “The Cougar Dressed Up For Halloween

  1. LulaDengler

    I can see Paulie. He’s the clown behind them in the first picture. And Helena is so rocking the Crack Heidi Halloween costume :)


  2. Slapparr

    I think she’s gone as a bavarian knockwurst maker – its the only way that explains the outfit – still not sure where mingus fits in though…

    is halloween the only opportunity that celebs get to dress up like idiots then???


  3. I think she´s just trying to show her peruvian roots and to dont think that much on a costume (lazy mom :-P)

    As for Mingus… elvis? maybe?

    oh and Paul wasnt there indeed… or maybe he was but under a very good costume :-P


  4. stella

    you know i was reading the new SPIN mag (i dont know why, i guess cuz it was for free) and there is a pic of paul at some random event and i was shocked at how HORRIBLE he looks. this pic is like a bout ten pages into the mag (MGMT are on the cover)
    i am slowly losing the lust for mr. banks….


  5. well she’s half peruan. her mother is from perú right?
    and in pery the natives wear all that thing (hat and ponchos and stuff) but i cant believe shes dressed like that i mean HOW RUDE. shes just stupid.
    that looks more like something that a native from bolivia would wear.

    but …i mean c’mon ..


  6. Kellers

    A Peruvian Eskimo, perhaps? I wonder if she’s ever even been to Peru. Do you think Paulie will ever be released from her peruvian eskimo vortex of evil?


  7. Malanthers: jajajjajaja! Those pics are so weird! She looks real bad!

    Stella: This is a moment! I never ever ever thought you’d lose interest in Cola Gorda. This is sad, but timely. Don’t abandon me. jaja.

    I want the cougar’s poncho right now cuz I’m cold.


  8. stella

    hazey jane: i dont have the mag.. its at my friends place in la
    anners: i will NEVER abandon you… dont worry, i’m sure the love will pick up again where it left off as soon as interpol mentions a new record ;) or he dumps the cougar biatch


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