Burnt Sienners

Sienna Miller

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Hobby Horse may be having relationship troubles with her married lover and that a SPLIT is on the whorizon.  Her married lover is refusing to leave his wife, The Rosetta Stone.  Here are some fabulous quotes:

“Sienna is back in London to give them both some cooling-off time. They are still together at the moment but she has said things aren’t good. There have been some pretty unpleasant rows, largely over Balthazar’s reluctance to commit.  She has really wanted to be able to step out as a couple but Balthazar is very torn over his children and it looks like he might be wanting to go back to his family. Sienna is devastated.”

Boo hoo hoo.  

“He promised her the earth but he hasn’t kept to any of his promises and has made no moves as far as a divorce is concerned.  Sienna is totally paranoid he is going to go back to his family. She feels very let down by Balthazar.”

If this is true (which if course, it can’t be), she is hopelessly stoopit.




Sienna Miller


3 thoughts on “Burnt Sienners

  1. Kellers

    Dear Rosy,

    Your “husband” has been running around with a half-nekkid ho whilst humiliating you and your children. Oh behalf of women the world over, please get a backbone.

    Yours truly, Kellers

    wtf? he’s “thinking of going back” to his family, like he can just go strolling back in there like he never left them?


  2. technically, he can, since he has a bazillion dollars and aforementioned wife without a backbone. it’s sad.

    and i’m so despondent upon hearing that the hobby horse is devastated. this must be really hard for her. poor thing! being a home wrecker can be so trying.


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