Don’t Phorget To Vote !!!

I am so anxious about this election that I literally can’t sleep.  PLEASE don’t forget to vote.  Please don’t get lazy and not vote.  Just ephing vote (especially if you’re a democrat — jaja)!   This is an emotional time for me right now because I am one of those wise people that NEVER EVER EVER voted for George Bush and I have had to watch my country’s rep go steadily down the drain for the past eight years.  I’m sick of being stifled.  I seriously believe that John McCain doesn’t understand the way the world works.  Sorry, sir, but reading Edward Gibbons’ The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire doesn’t cut it.

I don’t know what the hell I am going to do if Sarah Plain and We todd ed is VP.  I mean, seriously?  I was smarter than this wolf-killer when I was 12 years old.  Also, if you value LIFE so much *wink* why are you murdering animals? *wink*

I have a pretty crude analogy to illustrate the motivations for John McCain and Barack Obama’s run for the Presidency.   Let’s say The White House is a hot chick.   Both McCain and Obama want her digits.  If McCain gets her digits (that is, wins!), he’ll totally hold up the digits (Swingers-style), and rip them up.  He just wants the satisfaction.   I know this because of the way he’s conducted himself.  “Country First” ?  Is u sure?  Are you putting  ‘Country First’ when you choose a VP simply to resurrect a dead-as-disco campaign?  Are you putting ‘Country First’ by DIVIDING it?  Because that’s kind of what you did. 

Obama, on the other hand, doesn’t just want her digits. He wants to get to know the hot chick (white house), and take care of her. 

I totally just made this up for comedic purposes.  So not phunny!  I don’t think Obama is perfect.  But I do think he has the right idea.

Just ephing VOTE.

Oh!  And…

Watch out for SCAMS that are out there to prevent you from voting.    !!!!!

* Also, perhaps if you have time, hang out at your local transit center and urge folks to vote!  If you read that link I provided you can perhaps warn them about the scammage.



^ I don’t eva want to see this whoa-man again.




52 thoughts on “Don’t Phorget To Vote !!!

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Surely you don’t really want people to vote if they’re going to be voting for the wrong candidate?!

    I think candidates could do a lot worse than reading Gibbons, though. And I’m sure Palin hasn’t. :-)


  2. anywho11

    Im gonna vote, but everyone at my work wants to vote McCain and sending me on some guilt trip for it too. But at least my boss wants me to just vote for the person who I feel comfortable with instead of feeling pigeon hold onto one person.


  3. tina

    I have had to step away from the computer this weekend. I am just obsessed and anxious about the election.

    BTW, I went to an Obama rally last week and it was awesome! Well aside from the rain, wind and cold! I had my 4 yr old with me so we couldnt stay real long in that weather but it was truly amazing to be a apart of it all.



  4. Janers

    I much prefer Obama but I still think McCain is alright, however, if something happens to him and Sarah Palin ends up as the President of the United States then the whole world is doomed.

    I wish I could vote. My government will pretty much do anything the US government tells them to and what is decided in the White House often has a huge effect on the whole world. America seems to be divided into 2 very different groups: the rational, educated states – and the idiot states. It scares me that our fate is in the hands of a bunch of rednecks who think that guns are the key to civilisation and the world is only 6,000 years old.

    I think if the rest of the developed world got a say there would be no contest between Republicans and Democrats. I really hope everyone from all the rational, intelligent part of the country decides to get upand vote.


  5. 10am anners – the deed will be done tomorrow morning!

    and janers you are right – i wish the world had a little more say in it since it would bring additional rationale in to it. please just keep your fingers crossed for us!!! :)


  6. Well folks, Dante and I arrived at the polls at 6 a.m. on the dot and guess what? The polls were broken already. I had to fill out an emergency paper ballot and my gd vote better get counted. I thought I was going to have to show my color up in there for a minute, but instead I called my local Board of Elections and CNN.

    BTW, if anyone finds any voting irregularities you can call CNN at 800-GO-CNN-08.


  7. jujubee19

    I voted. It was pretty easy and not too crowded. Now I can go to Starbucks and get a free cup of coffee!! Yay!! (fingers crossed for Obama!!)


  8. Mystic

    I voted absentee 2 weeks ago, of course for Obama. Seems like Whorely is a Obama supporter from the pictures I saw at OLove.


  9. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    That’s f*cked up. Why am I not surprised considering that NY is a strong blue state? I knew shady shite like this was gonna start going down.
    I’m sure my voting place will be up and running smoothly since I live in a re-re redneck town in a re-re red state.
    It’ll be interesting to hear if other peeps in strong blue states have similar probs.


  10. d.solrac

    Just got back from voting. Everything went smoothly, and the lines were not too long. I’ve never been so excited to vote in my life. Too bad the electoral votes in my state will go to the Red. But still, it felt good. Hopefully we’ll keep our Democratic Senator.


  11. I just got back from voting myself. It took a total of 10 minutes. I was amazed & relieved that I didn’t have to stand in a long line. They seemed to have everything very well organized at my polling location. Hate to hear about other ones that are not. And like Solrac, the electoral votes in my state will go to McCain which totes blows! However, it is always kind of exhilarating to vote blue in a VERY red state. Maybe one day everybody here will get a fucking clue.


  12. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    When I went to vote today people were all swarming around waving McCain signs in my face.
    I swear I felt like I was trying to get into an abortion clinic.
    At the very waaaaay back in the parking lot was one chick holding an Obama sign. So I looked at her, raised my fist in the air and shouted “Obama!! Yeah! Right on!!!”.
    The girl shouted back to me “YES!” and let out a little “W00t!”
    The McCain supporters took their signs out of my face and I went in to vote.
    It was a moment. It really was. I almost cried :)


  13. Anonymous Coward

    I hear reports (though not here) of people standing in line for hours in order to cast their vote.
    How can that be and why isn’t something done about it? They must know roughly how many are eligible to vote at each location so why can’t they make sure they’ve got the capacity to handle it?
    All the times I’ve voted in my country I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of minutes. I understand that you’re voting for a lot of things other than a president at this election, but still. If voting takes hours aren’t you effectively disenfranchising a lot of people whose working hours aren’t flexible? Single parent who need to take care of their children, etc?


  14. Wanda, that’s foul.

    I feel like I should be out doing something for Obama.

    Ali-ers: That was a hot moment. Thanks for sharing!

    Anonymous Coward: I don’t understand that either. There should be a cut-off of how many registered voters can vote at one place or else have it be a big place with ENOUGH booths for the people to vote in. It’s wrong and also stupid.


  15. tina

    It took us about 45 minutes to vote. I live in a small town in the suburbs of Philly and was shocked to find the line out the door and around the building! I am truly amazed how people are coming out to vote this year! My kids loved getting their I voted stickers! lol


  16. wanders – did you vote in the city? i had HUGE issues. my machine broke, too, so i also did an emergency ballot. and i was standing there for over and hour and a half while they figured out they should give us emergency ballots! the line was crazy long. but i guess it’s a good thing since peeps are actually getting out and voting!


  17. i know! it’s so totes annoying. i’ll riot right there with you ali-ers!

    in cali everything was computerized and it worked fine – is that what you had anners? in nyc we had these huge ass machines that were like from the 20s or 30s (they weren’t computers) and they made this big ka-chung noise and that’s how you submitted i think? not sure since i didn’t actually go in it. it was weird.


  18. Tiffers, I voted upstate for the first time. They fixed the problem by the time Mr. Rizzuto voted.

    Anonymous Coward, Rachel Maddow did a piece the other night about the “new poll tax,” meaning that only people who can afford to give up 2 or 3 (or more) hours of work can afford to vote. Scary when you think about it.

    Voter access is a huge issue in this country, going back to the Jim Crow days when restricting access to the polls was a way to disinfranchise a segment of the population (black people), right up to the 2000 election in Florida (also black people). Some tried this year to restrict early voting hours. Thankfully the governor of Florida got religion at the last minute and extended the hours. The Republicans say that he just handed Florida to Obama. I say it was payback for not being chosen as McCain’s running mate. We’ll see what happens tonight.

    Sorry for the long comment.


  19. Actually, voting in Cali changes every year. I think last year was electronic.
    This year it was paper, and we just connected a line between an arrow. EASY. You had huge punching machine thingies? That sounds kinda cool if they would only have ephing worked. Did you call CNN, Tiffers?

    Shouldn’t votiing be uniform throughout the country? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

    I’m really disillusioned right now. They are screwing people up. I was watching CNN and this girl was denied the right to vote because they spelled her last name wrong on her registration or something.


  20. Anonymous Coward

    Thank you for that link, Wanda. That’s exactly what concerns me.
    It’s either incompetence or something worse…

    If it’s because those fancy voting machines are expensive then switching to a paper ballot would fix it. Pencils are really cheap.
    And whoever is responsible for organizing the voting facilities must be held accountable.

    … as I’m not a US citizen I guess my opinion about it doesn’t really matter. But it just seems so obviously unfair.


  21. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Wow, I’m sorry you guys had all those problems. I went to vote in the one place where people wouldn’t dare go…a church. I was in and out in 10 minutes. And I’ve since been hitting up a lot of establishments for free stuff with my “I voted sticker” I’m about to hit up Sonic’s for dinner.


  22. Kellers

    What a mess this morning at the polling place. First they didn’t have my name or the man in front of me, who was basically being turned away. Then they gave me a broken machine, and when I took my unmarked ballot back to the table this guy said it was fine just the way it was, took it from me, and tried to put it in the box.

    I had to get loud, but I did get a proper machine and double-checked it marked everything properly. The worst thing is that this happened deep in blue state territory – I can’t imagine what’s going on in the reds.

    Thanks for the CNN number Wanda!


  23. tina

    lol…I was gonna say if it was a free dinner at Sonic my husband would have made us drive 45 mins to the closest one. He LOVES that place.


  24. Anywho

    Yeah I voted this morning and I got a free coffee from starbucks pretty cool. I should have gone to round table pizza, they had free slice if you show up with a I voted sticker.


  25. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Great news! I just got back from Popeyes and I bought a 10 pc for the price of a 3pc.
    Emotional overeating rocks!


  26. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    YES YES YES!!!!

    I am sooooo freakin’ joyous right now!!!! I can’t stop crying and laughing. My redneck neighbors are gonna call the cops! and I don’t care!!! :D


  27. Anywho

    Shit I voted for the right man today!8) Im so effing happy, that I voted for Obama!! :D Im going to wear my obama pin to work tomorrow I dont care if my boss says no, im gonna waer it to support our new president!!! ;-)

    Party!!! LOL :mrgreen:


  28. Kellers

    OMG I just cried my eyes out!! What a beautiful speech – just perfect. Congratulations to PRESIDENT Obama!!

    And I hope the girls enjoy their new puppy!! :)


  29. jane121

    Well the crazy circus is over now. I’m glad you guys all voted and I’m really glad Obama won. I don’t have to be so bitter towards America now (no offence to u guys from the sane parts).

    You know what they do here? They simply force us to vote. You have to. I always thought it was weird and a bit unfair but I see now it does cut down on problems. There are lots of places to vote and they’re always prepared for the numbers – plus we don’t have to put up with adverstisments telling us to vote.


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