I Want To Shag Whorelando Now More Than Ever


He supports Obama!   That’s almost too sexy for me.  He’s getting a lot of phlack for this shit at Just Jared (I’ve reposted some of the comments here Just for your convenience), though.  Thank you Mystic, for alerting me to this blessed story.  Orlando is so smart.   And so sexy.  


Some Just Jared comments:

1. What a clown this loser is. A burned out Brit prettyboy trying to tell Americans how to vote? 

Anners responds:  Shut up bytch.

2. Hello you are not a citizen of The United States of America!!!! Shut up!!! McCain Palin 2008

Anners responds: Shut up Bytch.  He’s a citizen of the world, and he’s a hot piece.  McCain is senile and Palin is wetodded. 

3. and what if he’s British?
doesnt mean he cant voice his opinion.

seeing how hes working on American films sometimes, its common sense that he would be an American citizen.

you guys need to shut up and chill.

Anners responds:  Thank you for speaking up on my lover’s behalf, but please enroll in a Logic course.

4. Orlando…..SHUT UP! Who cares what you think? Go follow your own politics in GB. Leave us alone.

Anners responds:  Shut up, bytch.

5. He’s suddenly SO much less attractive to me now. Poor, dumb Orlando. He’s just another one of the Hollywood sheeple.

Anners responds:  Shut up, bytch.


26 thoughts on “I Want To Shag Whorelando Now More Than Ever

  1. jaded4good

    He’s free to support whoever he wants in whatever country, you’re free ignore celebrities when making a decision, I don’t see the problem. Speidi are telling Americans to vote for their fave, but no one seems to care, so it seems it is okay for a botoxed-bleached, cheap, desperate, practically braindead fameho fake couple to support a candidate, as long as it’s an American botoxed-bleached, cheap, desperate, practically braindead fameho fake couple. But should an intelligent foreigner endorse anyone…
    *rolls eyes*
    JJ sucks.


  2. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    HAHAHAHA! You do have it up!
    We’ll at least I put up the other ad. Oral did two ads for Obama! He’s really working now :P


  3. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Damn, and I thought he got his ass handed to him on Delphi! People get real indignant around election time.


  4. Hi Jaaaaded. Did you just call Orlando “intelligent”? You’re a rare bird, Jaded. :)

    What’s going down on Delphi? Are the delphites upset with lover boy again? He gets a pass for ignoring the dingo on Halloween in my book.

    Seriously, why wouldn’t people from other countries care about who America elects as president? We impose our will all over the GD world…

    Ali-ers you should have known I’d post this. I’m disappointed in you.


  5. jaded4good

    OK, Anners, relatively intelligent. All these years in all the interviews he has been able to finish all his sentences without forgetting what the hell he was talking about, and that is more than what some JJ commenters can boast about. I’m not sure all peeps running for office can boast about that.

    Delphi still loves him but it doesn’t stop us from calling him on his shiz when we see it. BTW if you want my private opinion, I would have advised him not to interfere with the American elections this way, but he would have probably ignored my advice just the way JJ peeps are ignoring his endorsement, so it’s okay.


  6. IcarusMalfoy

    At least he’s working! He’s in front of a camera again and it doesn’t involve pap shitfests so I’m cool with it. Mind you, I’m not an American, but I think some of them need to get the rods out of their arses and get the phuck over it.


  7. Anywho

    Well I bet jj will put up Mk’s butterfly pics from her VS fitting of course, but I dont think anyone would care with the election going on at this time, this are more important things than CPK running around in her fug silver panties with butterflies. Sorry cabbage Patch, you cant always steal the thunder.


  8. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Those JJ postershad better watch out! We’re the only ones allowed to talk that kind of shit about him. i don’t appreciate any of it!


  9. Poor Orlando

    Anners, your headline is HILARIOUS!!! Obama had just finished his victory speech, so I decided to go to Just Jared to watch Orlando’s video for the first time (cuz I couldn’t get it at work) and then I came over here expecting you to put up something great about Obama having just won the presidency, but no, I see that you want to SHAG WHORELANDO NOW MORE THAN EVER! HaHaHaHaHaHa! That made me laugh so hard! Thanks, I needed that to snap me out of my funk.

    BTW, Orlando had me at, “Hey, I’m Orlando Bloom.” That’s all I needed. Well, I’m back and in a BIG way! He’s still got it!!!!!!!!!! Now, do something with it Orlando, for the love of God!


  10. Anywho

    I love you icon Akeelers. I so releaved about this I was watching MSNBC religously all afternoon and evening until they anounced it I freaked out and everyone in my house was yelling. :p

    But Im glad it’s over and he won! <3


  11. Mystic

    Someone over at JJ, who saw Orlando at the Obama campaign:

    I was there at Obama phone bank when Orlando Bloom filmed these spots.

    He said over and over, “I’m a British citizen. I can’t vote. You can. Please vote.”
    He explained how the election would affect issues he cares about, including environment and peace among nations. Those parts simply got edited out [from the video clips], for space constraints.

    Plus, he was generous & gracious with all the Obama volunteers, signing shirts, and spending hours making calls.


  12. slapparr

    I wouldn’t exactly kick him out of bed given the choice…. even considering the lack of changing clothes and the silly halloween masks……… he is very sexy indeed…… in fact i;m not sure i can think of anyone i consider better looking…. and believe me i’ve tried!
    poor whorely cursed with great beauty…. gets him into all kinds of shite…


  13. jane121

    It really pisses me off to see people being so rude to someone because of their political opinions. Republicans are just bitter that hardly any celebs are on their team.

    All us peoples have to put up with the shit that goes down in the Whitehouse. Americans aren’t the only ones with loved ones in Iraq, who face the threat of terrorism due to the invasion of Iraq, who suffer from the environmental damage caused by such large country or whose economies are dying because of America’s.

    Australia’s (and Britain’s) security and economy are dependant on America and it we have no say in who is going to be in control of these things – now we can’t have an opinion either. I guess only those born on US soil should be allowed an opinion.

    It really pisses me off how ignorant some Americans (i.e. Republicans) are.


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