The Dingo’s Got Wings. Will She Fly The Phuck Away, Now?


First, take several minutes to giggle your arse off.

Second, you can rest assured she’s wearing this shit because all the human Victoria’s Secret models pulled rank.  Adriana Lima was overheard telling Victoria:  “I’m not wearing that shit, give it to the dingo.”

Third, she looks like something you’d hang over a baby’s crib.

Fourth, she’s wetodded.

Fifth, her hair has been strategically arranged to mask her cabbagehead.

Sixth, I’m angry because she’s shagging  my boyfriend.

Seventh, BOYCOTT Victoria’s Secret.  If you buy stuff from them, you are literally paying this HO to shag my boyfriend.


33 thoughts on “The Dingo’s Got Wings. Will She Fly The Phuck Away, Now?

  1. Adriana Lima was right. What is this shyt? It’s boring. And it’s fugly. And it’s not sparkly. Much like the dingHo herself really, yes?

    She looks like a mess. Couldn’t she have combed her hair?

    And what the hell is that thing around her waist attached to the top of her aluminium foil synthetic undies? Is that a chastity belt? Who has the key? Throw it into the ocean. Quick!

    Who the hell wears long gloves with diamantes on them? And those shoes? She looks like she’s been dressed by a sight impaired entomologist.

    She is so dumb. She makes me want to bash my head against a brick wall. And I’ll still be smarter than her.


  2. icky poo

    Goodness she looks like an idiot.

    Don’t worry she only use to bang your boyfriend. Now she only poses in pap pics with him while he tries to not look ill.
    Your only worry now is the random dancers and strippers at the clubs he goes to.
    Dingo is just a temporary prop but now with wings.

    This picture is all the more funny coming out on a night like tonight. With the rest of the world thinking about the changes in America and seeing her dressed likea total re-re it just makes so much sense doesn’t it? How can any women with a half a brain cell wear something like this?


  3. slapparr

    OMG she looks so stupid – i can’t decide whether she looks more ho or more stupid tart…….. really really bad outfit – does VS seriously think that THIS will encourage sales……

    “Sixth, I’m angry because she’s banging my boyfriend. With her penis.” ahh don’t worry – i think he has to be sedated first, judging by the look of his eyes when he’s with her!

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  4. Vy

    Good grief. What in the world is going on here? Either this is a Halloween costume gone horribly wrong or Victoria’s Secret is promoting a new line of granny panties for bedazzled, ballerina butterfly-people. Either way, it’s an epic fail for the Dingho…which means it’s a victory for us!

    Oh, man. Obama wins the election, the Dingho makes a fool of herself. How could this day get any better?


  5. jaded4good

    1, I thought Halloween was over.

    2, No decent woman would wanna wear those wings, butterfly is a euphemism for prostitute in more languages than I can count.

    3, You bet I’d wanna hang that. Not above a baby’s crib though, that would be child abuse.

    4, The fact that she’s wearing her much mentioned granma’s gloves is nothing comparing to the fact that she also has her panties on!

    5, I wish her greasy hair would have been arranged to look like cousin It.

    6, That explains the pained look on his phace when she’s around.

    7, You don’t think I’d waste my money on those fugly clothes. I’s rather buy that Obama t-shirt I saw on Ego Sermo… seriously, how can I get one?

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  6. slapparr

    why thankyou anners! tis a warning to all of what dating whorelando can do to you……….

    apparently the Dingho is fancying herself as a life guru (her friends?!?!?! come to her for advice or so some rag or other say (i didn’t know she had any but i digress) ) – her mantra is everything in moderation – i wonder if that includes Whorli – may explain how he manages to get away from her periodically.


  7. icky poo

    ROFL Maybe Victoria Secrets really does hate her.
    “here bitch. You can have the stupid wings already but you have to walk down
    the runway wearing your granny’s underwear.”
    What a mess. The obvious white adhesive strips on her bra straps aren’t helping with the ‘sexytime’ look either. It all looks a bit orthapedic.

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  8. slapparr

    ok so wanda i love your avatar! says it all…

    ROFL – maybe victoria secrets hate her – THAT would certainly explain why they put her such ridiculous outifts and make her prance around like a Ho. Maybe whorelando likes playing doctors and nurses……. but i don’t think its gonna catch on more generally!

    eff off Dingho fly fly away……


  9. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    That thing around her waist is bizarre. It looks like it may have a slit in it, a la crotchless panties. But why would it be around her waist?
    And by that expression on her face, you can tell that even she knows she looks ridick.


  10. Poor Orlando

    WTF? Her panites looks like the Depends my grandmother wears! Perhaps all her whoring around has created a incontinence problem for her.

    Was that too mean?


  11. Voxy

    I am not sure what’s worse. The fugly lacey shoes, the weirdly ugly underwear, the gloves that don’t seem to go with anything, or the wings. It quite literally looks like she was sucked into fashion week and vomited back out with all the rejected clothing ideas.
    Also, you’d think they’d try to make that hair of hers less stringy, but I guess it goes with the ensamble.
    What does Orli see in her anyway? I just see some STDs waiting to be spread.
    Oh dear, now I sound bitter.


  12. icky poo

    Anners was it you that wrote before about her and poo and mama in the apartment?
    I have a few request for writing material. The Kerr’s in family therapy ( I stole that from just jared comments)
    I think someone should write a portion of her book and have the excerpts up for preview. Written in Dingoeses naturally. Can we make an amazon entry for it if we don’t use her real name?


  13. slapparr

    yes i’m missing the dingoese entries, its been far too long…..

    has she finally lost the ability to communicate any other way than wiggling her arse and boobies.

    Admittedly Dingoese took training to read, but I would of still thought it classed as a primitive language, and it did give us some insight into the absolute dirth of braincells floating around in that cabbage shaped head of her….


  14. slapparr

    Yes i think dingoese is extremely difficult language to master – its funny isn’t it – you need an IQ of a boiled cabbage to speak it as your primary language and yet you need to be in mensa to write and understand it!! work that one out……

    must be because its a primitive and almost lost language, its probably died out from spoken tongue for the most part, and still exists only in dark and inbred corners of Gunnedah…… do you think the family kerr have difficulty ordering a drink in restaurant????


  15. Voxy: Ha! I will think about it.

    Icky poo: That was Joders! She wrote a beautiful thing about the almost-break-up.

    That apartment part is here:

    AND The whole sequence is here:

    By the way, Joders is working on some new Whorelando Stories so check her blog for updates.

    Jaded: I want to read your dingoese!! :)

    Slapparr: So much pressure. I’ll see what I can do about the dingoese. Something may pop up this weekend if I get antisocial. Ha. :)


  16. panders

    i’ve been boycotting VS for a long time now. their parent company (which owns express, limited, and bath & body works) is all rubbish, and so corporate i cant stand it.


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