music swap-a-roonie


hola! i just wanted to check in to see if any other slags are interested in joining in the music swap i mentioned a couple of weeks ago here. so far i have morgan, zu, ali-ers, hazey jane, anners and myself participating.

here are the deets:

–  10 songs based on a boy (or you know, whomever floats your boat) who makes you drool and lose the capability to function normally whilst thinking of them. it’s a licentious list of sessy songs! you don’t have to be serious business sessy – do whatevs!

– mixes must be delivered to me by nov 26th (i extended the deadline since i’ve not been good at following up thus far!) so i can work on them over thanksgiving and get them back out to you the first week in december. think of it as early christmas prezzies!

– the cut off for joining will be this tuesday the 11th!

for those of you already participating i will get an email out to you shortly (i promise!) to coordinate address exchanges and/or any other perinent info!


7 thoughts on “music swap-a-roonie

  1. panders

    just a thought- u all should try using you can zip a folder and send it safely/efficiently over email. it is free to send anything under a gig.

    will u make a list of the music when u finish? i’d like to know what u guys are listening to.


  2. sweet solrac! :)

    panders – but of course! we are doing that for the overseas slags (since their post can be unreliable). for those of us stateside (i know i can speak for morgan and i at least) we like to get mail of the non-bill variety so getting cds in the mail is fun :) send me your email addy and i’ll get it to you!


  3. no – they are sessually motivated. songs that you think of hot boys to. like for instance i am using i want to touch you by catherine wheel as one of my songs (crushy sessy). bobson is the inspiration for that one ;) does that make sense? like another example would be public pervert by interpol (romantic sessy). does that help? or whatever is sessy for you! :)


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