Katers Had A Schitty Time In L.A.

Kate Moss

The Daily Mail is reporting that Katers has an ephed up chest-area (see above photo), and that her visit to Los Angeles resulted in yet another bust-up with her scarf-slut boyphriend, Jamie Hince. I keep telling people that something’s wrong with that dude!  I bet he tells her she’s stupid a lot, and there’s no need for stuff like that.  Katers can do much better than this, even though I’m totally speculating here.     

Anyhoo, they got into some stinky fight on freaking election night at the Chateau Marmont.  Says a sorcerer:  “A crowd had gathered in the hotel lobby to watch TV screens showing the US election results and there was a lot of excitement about Barack Obama’s victory.  Someone said they had heard shouting coming from Kate’s suite.  Then Kate suddenly appeared.  She had a face like thunder and stormed through the lobby to the bar, downed several drinks and left to get a car.  As she left the hotel she was heard yelling into her phone at Jamie for him to stay away from her.”

Ooh.   A face like thunder.   Here’s Kate arriving back in London without  the scarf slut.


Kate Moss


2 thoughts on “Katers Had A Schitty Time In L.A.

  1. really..i hate her hair now.

    whats so wrong with those 2. i bet kate likes to fight a lot. you know annorexic people is really into fights n’ drama


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