Bozzers Really Likes Those Red Boots


Bozzers got papped during some business lunch at the Chateau Marmont the other day.  It’s so exciting, isn’t it?  I think she’s talking about how badly Whorelando Bloom used to snore and how hideous his new girlphriend is.  







Kate Bosworth

^ And here she foes a few days before… red boots.


6 thoughts on “Bozzers Really Likes Those Red Boots

  1. Poor Orlando

    Poor thing…. Looks like all that man let her eat was a diet Coke.

    Those boots are a necessity. They give her twig legs stability.


  2. jane121

    She’s eating chippies! good for her – they is tasty.

    I think I was wrong about the botox – seems her face does move when she’s not on the red carpet.

    Them shoes are fug fug.


  3. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Looks like she wrapped an old Gitano Jeans shirt around her waist and called it a skirt. I miss Gitano Jeans. :(


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