As Promised To Kellers

It’s the Michelle Obama dress post!  I heart Michelle Obama and I want to be her when I grow up.  I think the dress is growing on me.  I’d never wear it, and she sort of looks like a fire ant, but it’s sort of awesome on her.   



9 thoughts on “As Promised To Kellers

  1. anywho11

    I love Shelly Obama (my new nick name for Michelle), she has class and style I saw on nordstrums a dress she wore on The View, it was purdy. Her kids are so freagging cute & lucky they get a puppy and their dad is the new Pres.


  2. Kellers

    Thankies Anners!! You iz awesome :) You’re kind of right – that dress looked much nicer in pics than on TV, but I like it because it’s edgy. The color coordination with the kids is a nice way to make them feel connected and to have a little fun with it.

    Her wardrobe choices make her seem a lot more real and down-to-earth, and she still looks way better than the McCain fembot in those expensive beauty queen suits.


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