What The Hell Happened To My Other Boyphriend?!

My Handsome and Kind Lover, John Frusciante Is on the phar left.

Since my main dream shag, Whorelando Bloom is acting a phool, I thought I’d go see what my other shag, John Frusciante was up to.  Imagine my displeasure at finding him all hirsute and schit!  (I saved the slightly fug pics for after the jump so as not to scare any slags away.)  

Joders doesn’t know what I see in John Frusciante, and after seeing some recent shots of him I sort of understand why.   BUT he’s really supa brilliant and supa nice, therefore he’s perpetually sessy.  

BTW this is NOT a shag or gag? post!  I would never subject my honey to something like that.    




Obviously he misses me so much he can’t bring himself to shave his phace anymore.  Bah hobag!  John, you’re beautiful… sometimes.    

The Way Things Used To Be:

Sondage n°36

^ Sesssssy.



^ My Man used to shag a model.  But that model was Milla Jovovich, so he gets a pass.  I heart Milla Yo! Ya bytch!  


^ sesssssy.


^ sessssssy


^ Sesssy if you take away the jeans.





17 thoughts on “What The Hell Happened To My Other Boyphriend?!

  1. Anners, what happened to him? He must be heartbroken to have let himself go like this. You need to find him and make him better.

    “Sesssy if you take away the jeans” – but then he’d be half nekkid…… Oh!


  2. Dr. Romy

    Anners! Awww…. finally I made it back to the site, and what do my tired eyes see – our sessy and gentle shared ex-fiance! But yeesh… now I feel really guilty for having let him down for real-life pleasures in Europe…. this facial hair-mask is breathtaking…. will book flight for tomorrow right away to get him a shave! Will keep you updated :)


  3. Coolio

    Ha, just came across this blog and I agree, his beard is a little weird! Ah, John, if you would just shave that beard, we’d hop on the love wagon and grab a ticket to paradise! xOxo :D


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