will someone wake me when there is a good gg on?


spoiler alert! not that there is much to spoil but don’t read if you haven’t watched gg yet this week!

OMG! it’s really ephing annoying! what’s the deal? as kellers pointed out already, this epi sucked you know what! and i couldn’t agree more – i would rather see a story arc with dorota than watch the doody that’s being going on these past few weeks (dorota’s i’m a slave 4 u ringtone for momma waldorf just about made me pee my pants!) there was more pouting from jenny (seriously, who ephing cares?) everyone was boring this episode (except at the end when vanessa stole nate’s love letter to jenny). however, i will admit that i am pretty intrigued to find out what demons won’t be skulking in lily’s long forgotten past much longer! whiny blair blows. barely any chuck again = MASSIVE BOREDOM/LAMENESS! weird artist boy moving from polyamory to a committed relationship in one show flat (and he’s sober? hahahahaha!) serena acting like a re-re with him. dan letting serena lie/walk all over him when picasso found out about shady stuff from her past. whatevs.

next week’s episode looks like it might have potential (some chuck and blair lovie action perhaps?) and then you know, bart will die. maybe this will trigger some action and get the story lines moving again. i am certainly keeping my fingers crossed for that!

lay it on me slaggers! xoxo!


7 thoughts on “will someone wake me when there is a good gg on?

  1. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Chuck didn’t even try to get it on with Blair. I’m so disappointed. :(

    Why is that Aaron dude there? Is he like the Tori Spelling of GG? Is his dad a GG writer and that’s how he got the gig? He had better become a serial killer or I’m gonna be pissed!


  2. Ugg

    IT SUCKED! except the sad last 10 minutes, i cried 5 times boohoohahahha.
    except for that it sucked. serenas thanksgiving dress? ewwwwwww
    i love eric!!!! and dorota!!!!!!!!
    my WORK is so much better now that i’m sober HAHAHAHAHHAHA
    omg yeah whateva. BILL PAXTON HAHAHAHAH. i laugehed so much when dan and aaron came into serenas room and dan was oh yeah ok i lied, and aaron said THAT WAS NOT COOL or something like that LOL.


  3. Kellers

    Tiffers, I feel your gg pain! I’m convinced this show is some sort of weird Pavlovian experiment. They’re studying how long people will suffer through unbearable storylines if there’s the possibility of seeing Chuck and/or Nate or they actually come up with a good story.

    Uggers, methinks Serena got her holidays mixed up and she thought it was Halloween in that outfit.


  4. akeelers – the tori spelling of gg. hah! i hope something messed up with him goes down sooner rather than later. maybe he’s going to murder bart!?!?!?! i actually just read an article about unnecessary characters on shows and guess who they pointed out? vanessa!

    jane – more b&c is always a good thing!

    morgan – i totes forgot about that since the show was so BORING! but that was hilarious!! :) pixies – like nate would ever listen to them!

    ugg – that dress was ridiculous! aaron as bill paxton – hahaha! dan was being really “uncool” ;)

    kellers – it’s not nice (or acceptable) what they are doing to us. i may have to write a letter or something ;) how much longer can you suffer through this? it’s gotten BAD! :(


  5. Kellers

    Well Ms. Tiffers, you don’t have to completely wake up for this episode, but there are a few decent scenes. My advice for max enjoyment: ff every time Serena/Dan/Aaron show up (and that’s a lot), then ff thru Rufus/Lily.

    That will leave you with about 3 minutes of Chuck, Blair, Nate, and your personal fave Vanessa, who once again has a flimsy last-minute device to leave Brooklyn and end up at a high society function. Jenny finally gets told off for being the little spoiled bytch that she is.

    Oh, and they don’t off u-no-hoo until the last 3 seconds. So much for the big dramatic eppy about that.


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