ok, so i just saw twilight and i didn’t hate it! however, i have to say that new york audiences rule, so that’s probably what made the movie so fun. warning – spoilers ahead!

i am so owning up to this – although i can’t seem to stand her as a person, kristen stewart was great as bella. i really also liked the guy who played her dad. that stupid re-re that plays jacob annoys me even more. that phake ass phony hair is just wrong on so many levels.

when the cullens were making their first appearances everyone in the theatre was getting excited. when bobson FINALLY came on screen everyone starting screaming. it was so hilarious. i loved when bella and edward first started meeting because they played it a little differently that i had interpreted it from reading the book. but it was pretty fantastic – esp when edward was holding his nose and bella thought maybe she was stinky. i swear bobson was channeling rain man for a while at the beginning – it made for a lot of fun laughs.

the girls squealed again when carlisle came on (actually they swooned more than squealed) and they screamed when james was shirtless. good times. is there a strong carlisle contingent out there? i wasn’t aware!

bella’s confrontation of edward in the forest was so unbelievably re-re. the glitter head/chest moment was one of the most ridiculously weird moments of movie that i have ever watched. it seemed strained esp when he was basking in the sunlight and saying she was his heroin. my friend and i were laughing and the 15 year old girls got mad at us for it! but other peeps were laughing, too, so whatevs.

a lot of stuff didn’t really match up to what i had imagined in my head so it was a little weird to watch. but it wasn’t distracting or anything. jackson had a deer in the headlights face almost every time he was on (except for baseball he was pure hotness!) he was described as always looking like he was in pain. if pain is supposed to translate to surprised then color me impressed! ;)

i didn’t really care for the end that much (the stuff after the baseball game) but i liked it when edward told jacob to back up off his gf. the end part with victoria was great, though, too. maybe if they make a sequel it will be better? i don’t think i’ll hold my breath but a girl can always dream! so i would say it was worth it because 2 hours and 2 minutes of bobson eye candy = serious business goodness. i still have a little drool left to wipe away! ;)

did anyone else go? what did you think? deets por favor!


8 thoughts on “OMG

  1. d.solrac

    I was so surprised by how much I loved this movie! I was fully expecting to hate it. Catherine Hardwicke nailed it – the cinematography, the acting, the direction, the casting… even the music was decent. I cannot wait to see it again!
    It was a blast to see it in the theater with all the kids screaming – but it was funny, I was with a group of adults and kids, and the adults loved the movie way better than the children did! I also laughed when Edward was doing his little weird jumping around in the forest thing, and when he was sucking the blood out of Bella’s arm – Bobson can make some funny faces! But, you know, it still worked for me in a strange Twin Peaks kinda way.


  2. I’m not as stoked on the movie as you guys, but you already know that.
    *Bobson radiated hotness throughout most of the movie
    *awesome chemistry b/w Bobson & K Stew – totes realistic
    *Kristen Stewart did an amazing job portraying Bella
    *1/2 of the cinematography was really cool
    *the scene with Edward & Bella in the bed was SUPERFUCKINGHOT!!!!!!! OMG!
    *Victoria was a badass

    *Bobson’s accent was TERRIBLE & I stand by my word on that no matter what anyone says
    *Hated the dialogue b/w Bella & Edward that mentioned the lion fell in love with the lamb – I realize that was straight from the book, but it was cheesy as hell
    *a lot of the editing sucked in regards to camera angles in the forest – it was not consistent – they would have a really cool shot then it would got to shit, but not in a “cool” or “artsy” kind of way. more in a “we fucked this up” kind of way
    *the vampire makeup at the beginning of the movie was so bad. i could see it caked on their faces. the makeup, however, did get better near the middle to end of the movie. maybe they switched makeup artists
    *girls in the theater were laughing in parts of the movie that were not even funny. I seriously started to yell out “STFU! You’re ruining this for me!”

    I will, however, still see this movie again & again & again & again. ;)


  3. d.solrac

    I forgot to say the the scenes in the forest were really beautiful – especially the one where they were at the top of the tree. I feel like she (the director) really used the landscape well as a plot/visual device to develop the intensity of the story. I particularly like the scene when Bella got to the point of exasperation with Edward – and she just took off into the forest, and he followed behind her. The way it was shot really conveyed the sense to me that she was walking away from her normal life forever – very compelling!
    And I loved the use of the blue tint on the camera – I felt like I was drawn into the mood of the film, making it somehow easier to suspend disbelief.


  4. Janers

    I really want to see it now. I just don’t go to the movies much.

    I can’t believe people started screaming in the theatre like that! Poor Bobson, I can’t imagine what type of crap he is going to have to put up with now.


  5. Poor Orlando

    I wasn’t going to go, but did. I just had to experience girls screaming at someone else besides Will Turner. Aaaahhh, remember those days?

    Anyway, I liked it, for a vampire movie. I give it a B+. I enjoyed the story, the interesting looking men-folk, and the music. Kristen Stewart is young, so she still has time to learn how to act. :-)


  6. Kellers

    It’s all about R-Patz now! :) I love the way the film was shot and how lurvvvely he looked – didn’t really pay attention to the story. There is a rumor he’s gay. Thoughts?


  7. morgan and solrac – fabu reviews as always ladies!! :) i didn’t notice about the vamp makeup or the blue tint (i was just drooling too much i think!) i’m saving up the 2nd go for my visit, morgan. we can discuss further reactions then (if you are up for seeing it again of course!!!)

    janers – go see it and tell us what you think. don’t pay attention to dialogue or anything. just watch the hot boys!!!

    poor orlando – that’s about where i would put it, too. and haha about kstew

    anywho – i know i’ve said it 20 times but i so can’t stand her! did you see her on letterman? it was just pathetic!

    kellers – you break my heart with gay rumahs. he must be straight, he must!!! so you did see it – woot!


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