Do Not Want

So I came home this evening and switched on CNN like I always do, hoping to catch a glimpse of Paul Begala or Barack Obama or something, and boy, was I sorry I did that.  I should have gone straight to bed  had my annual Thanksgiving Eve’s nightmare about Turkeys.

Poor Mumbai.

India’s biggest city was racked with terrorist attacks.  As far as I know, there are still some uncertain hostage situations taking place.  At this point, casualties are listed at about 300 (200 injured, perhaps 101 dead).  Which is disgusting.  Apparently, the gunmen were targeting people with U.S. and British Passports and they also targeted the headquarters of a Jewish Outreach group. 

So predictable.  So Medieval.  So sick of this shit.

Anyway, God Bless the wounded and dead and God Bless their families and God Bless the world (even if God doesn’t exist because I know some of you are Atheists). 





8 thoughts on “Do Not Want

  1. Poor Orlando

    Happy Thanksgiving back at ya and to everyone else! It’s been quite a year – not a tremendous amount to be thankful for, except for my finding “Kate Blogsworth” and the “Delphi Forum.” It has been a blessing and brought me many, many laughs when I felt like crying (over the Whorley/dingobytch).

    Anners, you sure know how to snap everyone out of a funk! If only Whorley would visit your site. It might break the black magic spell he’s under.

    Luv ya!


  2. anywho11

    Happy thanksgiving Anners. Happy thanksgiving that ever posted here and stuff. It’s sad to see news like, that it feels like it can ruin your day, stuff like this bothers me then I start to feel guilty over something.


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