Happy Birthday, Wanda Rizzuto!!!


Wanda, ever heard about giving a bytch a headz up?!  I had to learn this from Daners.  Grr.  Anyway,  your birthday technically expires in about three hours (EST), so I’m not late.  


You’ve seen these pictures before, of course.  But it’s your favorite Whorelando Era, so I had to post them.  Just pretend you’re the blonde chick or something or pretend like she’s not there.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday and I hope your beasts behaved. 

You are a top-notch human being.







^ Ha.


22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Wanda Rizzuto!!!

  1. Poor Orlando

    Best birthday wishes to Wanda! It’s always nice to celebrate the day you arrived here on earth. We all are much wiser for reading your insights into the chronicles of Whorelando. I hope you had a wonderful dinghoe worry-free day.


  2. Slapparr

    Happy birthday Wanda, I hope you get an industrially cleaned Whorlando as a late birthday gift……. i wouldnt want you to catch anything…..


  3. Happy Birthday Wanda!! I’m so pleased you had a great day. I might have to make a quick fly in from my relatives place for your special day next year!


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