Guess The Slag


Nice pants.





Here’s Kate Bozzers at the phourth Annual Global Green Benephit in San Phrancisco the other night.  I phailed!   I had such a cute gipht basket made up for her in case I ever ran into her in L.A..  Here she was in my city and I didn’t even know it!  I made her a collage of Whorleando surrounded by dingoes.

Oh well,  next time.

P.S. The folk at Just Jared saying mean things about Kate can go get ephed for perpetuity.




15 thoughts on “Guess The Slag

  1. mitzy

    Is that blonde chick with her the girl that use to date Sebastian a while ago?

    C’mon fans girls, surely you know the triva question. Who is she?


  2. Janers

    Who is Sebastion? I think the blonde chick is just some random.

    The snow is so cute! I can’t imagine a Wintery Christmas, it would be so cool have a Christmas somewhere where it snowed.


  3. Janers, my dearest, Sebastian is Orlando’s cousin. I am very ashamed that I know who he is.

    Mitzy: Do you think I give a shit about who Sebastian dated?!

    It is snowing! It’s a wordpress thingy. Last year they gaev us the option, this year they just made it snow without asking. Which is fine. I love the snow, it’s all cute and shit.


  4. mitzy

    She just looks like the girl that uee to always show up in pictures with them.
    I was just curious if bozz kept in touch with her and remained friends.


  5. Mitzy: I’m sorry if I sounded a little rude! :) Actually that chick does look familiar. Wasn’t she in those bikini pics that came out like a year and a half ago? When Bozzers went to like Hawaii or something and gained 7 whole ounces?


  6. mitzy

    Yes I think it’s the same girl. That’s why I asked. It isn’t that important but I thought someone might show up and know who she was.
    I think it’s pretty cool that she stayed in touch and is still friends with Cher and Sebastian and his gf (now former gf I think).
    I don’t think her and Orlando talk all the time or anything but I kind of believe her when she says they remained friends or at least on good terms.


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