Ignore The Creature On The Right


It’s Ben phucking Barnes!   How’ve ya been, Ben?  I’ve neglected you, caught up as I was, in the vortex of ineptitude formerly known as the Whorelando Bloom and Dingo show.  Sorries!  

You’re so much cuter than my errant ex-boyfriend.  Sorta. 

These pictures are damn near 55 days old.  Whatever;  it’s eye candy. 



Oops!  Somebody needs to wash Ben’s hair and that somebdoy ought to be me.  Or Ali-ers, who is hopefully feeling better right about now.  She had a thing going on last week…



14 thoughts on “Ignore The Creature On The Right

  1. anywho11

    Im jealous over Jessi B, she got to have a love scene with Ben, I think. Never saw the flick but they do have some hot scenes between each other. They are about the same age but she looks at least 40 in that pic. But she is gorgeous and has a nice figure.


  2. Anners Scribonia

    Hi Anywho! I think you’re just as bored as I am right now. Can you think of any good contenders for a Shag or Gag? post? I haven’t done one of those for a while…


  3. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Ben is too pretty to be pulling this “I only wash my ass once a week” shit. He probably smells like curdled milk, yet he’s still prettier than Jessica Biel.

    Ben, kill the rugged look and go bathe in a tub filled with Evian. It suits you better.


  4. Voxy

    I think he should steer clear of Orlando Bloom heigine regamine. Other than that, I can stare at this hotty and never look away. lol


  5. PoorOrlando

    Who cares if he hasn’t bathed, what a hunk of steamin’ hot man flesh! Good thing Jessica is with Timberlake or we’d have to hunt her down and throw her in the dungeon with the dingho.


  6. anywho11

    Gah, it’s weird she looks so, OLD! She really does cant believe that she is one year younger than Ben. Hey wasnt she in E-Town with OB? I guess she just picks out all the hot men.


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